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  1. KYCitizen

    Who else is a glock fan?

    My Glock Collection 9mm G-17L G-26 G-34 45 ACP G-21 G-30 And I would have already had more but Im switching from 9MM to .40 S&W So Im getting ready to start selling my 9's. My Plan is to Own G-22 G-23 G-24 G-27 G-35 Whenever any comes into the store and ask whats a good pistol I try real hard not to just say GLOCk and be done, I like other pistols but when it comes down to it give me that TUPPERWARE .45 ACP anyday.
  2. KYCitizen

    ACE reciever block options

    I can say from personal experience with both receivers that I prefer the internal block over the external for the same reason you have stated. It looks a thousand times better w/ the internal block. Its rock solid. The only reason I would tell anyone to get an external is if there thinking of selling their Saiga down the road to somebody who might not want the tang cut off. Simple as that, go with it if your gonna keep it and you know exactly what you want the finished product to look like.
  3. Interest Check We would appreciate your info.
  4. to give you an idea of what a gun nut and am and what a gammer i am not..... i looked at the title of this thread and thought there was HK PSG1 (newer variant) for sale.....is there a PSG3?????..........lol Same Here man, I was like "wait a Minute this guy has typed something wrong." LOL
  5. KYCitizen

    2 round magazines

  6. KYCitizen

    Upgraded my RIA 1911

    Nice Dude. Love the grips too, glad to hear bout the drop in grip safety to, heard that it could be a nightmare, but turned out sweet looking.
  7. KYCitizen

    Cheapest saiga 12?

    www.gilbertsguns.com I look around for prices but I tell you they are pretty competitive on everything. I work there on the weekends so, check the site out and if you see what you like ask for Brady if you call in on Saturday and I help ya out anyway I can. Arm the world with Saigas LOL
  8. KYCitizen

    Atlantic Firearms Sells new S-12 Setup

    Looks good, but im glad I figured out how to do the legal conversion myself. Lots of money being made that way.
  9. KYCitizen


    If you think your bad, I was buying firearms so much and was hanging out in my local gun store so long that I ended up getting a third job at the gun store. Thought that would help the money flow but I was wrong. I ended up giving my gun store paycheck back to them every month and I had to get a fourth job to help out all the new buying I was doing.
  10. KYCitizen

    Thinking about getting my 1st Saiga

    The Saiga line is excellent; I have several in just about every caliber and many in 12 gauge. If your looking for something low cost, fun to shoot, lots of accessories, and relatively low cost to shoot... look no further. The price of $240.00 is not bad either so I'd go ahead with it and enjoy the fun.
  11. KYCitizen

    Just in time for Halloween

    All I can say is B, U, T, FULL