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  1. Funny but the vast majority look photoshopped.
  2. this one has been huge for me as well...healthy body, healthy mind I have finally gotten to the point where I don't feel right if I miss a day. It is immediate stress relief.
  3. It's been a looong time since I posted here. A couple years ago my laptop died, and it was replaced with a kindle. I couldn't get the damn thing to post here and another forum (gunboards?). Obviously I'm not too tech savvy. Anyway, I figured it out when I came reading here the other night about the Saiga ban. I've spent most my forum time at AKfiles, which is over the top outside the gunsmithing and rifle forums. I still have a S223 and SGL21. I added a SLR104 (my first '74 that I got about 5 days before the 7n6 ban) and a few kits and build tools since I was here last. I was really hopin
  4. drink beer, go to the range, play with my kids, NEVER watch the news...not even the weather
  5. Not banned but possibly sanctioned as well. I poked around a bit, but haven't seen mention of the bang switch news. http://www.thebangswitch.com/all-russian-firearms-imports-on-hold/ Apparently the author doesn't know form 6 would apply to ammo imports. Sorry if this has been discussed.
  6. I think the worst would be a 94 style AWB, and I give that 70/30 against it happening. I think FTF could probably disappear and perhaps internet ammo sales too. Maybe only hicap mags sales at time of original purchase. Whatever it is, I think it'll be more inconvenient than restrictive for most of us. I am concerned that there is an ulterior agenda of getting the individual states to follow suit with CA, NY, MA, etc...
  7. I'd give my left nut if they'd play that on the major networks during primetime.
  8. The only thing on that list that may be worth something is coffee. I could see that being valuable, especially for bartering.
  9. So many of your posts are failed attempts at clever 'one-liners'. Please refer to your avatar and try to offer something a little more insightful in the future. Thank you and have a nice day.
  10. A frenzy for sure, and don't get me wrong. I don't have dollar signs in my eyes. I am focused on the real fight here, but I'm trying to keep it in perspective too. The frenzy is being fed by people who fear losing their 2nd ammendment rights. They are feeling somewhat powerless in the face of token petitions, an impotent NRA, and a possible EO. They are voicing their concerns in the only way some of us know in this country.....consumerism. I wonder how much, if any, effect this frenzy is having on the powers that be and what they are planning. They are watching afterall.
  11. It's getting really old hearing all the whining and complaining about the current prices. There IS a point where I value the money my guns can bring more than the gun itself. When the market gets to that point, I will sell....not everything, but almost. You shouldn't sell that! Your prices are too high! That's not fair! All a bunch of socialist/communist BS. There are companies that are NOT taking advantage of the current inflated prices. They are not doing so because they are your friend or are considering your feelings. They are banking on the fact that any new legislation won'
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