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  1. I purchased a crush washer with the 74 style brake. Unfortunately the brake is not exactly centered when I tighten it down. I would have to add a 2nd washer in order for it to be correct. I don’t like the look of one washer let alone 2, so I decided to drill a plunger hole in the FSB and install a pin with a spring to index the brake. Check out the blog for the step by step with pictures! http://saigaconversion.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/drill-and-install-index-plunger-in-fsb/
  2. http://saigaconversion.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/first-100-rounds-finally/
  3. Thank you! I picked the brake because it hides the flash a little better for follow up shots.
  4. I just received my replacement mag today. They must of hand picked it because it is definaty an unissued mag. Very impressed!
  5. No the rail does not show at all.
  6. You can have the best of both worlds. IMHO AK's look best with wood. I went with Bulgy wood and a TWS rail to mount a red dot. Now there are going to be many people with many different opinions. This is just one.
  7. Its kind of hard to see in the pic. You can see the whole sight. And the red dot is co witnessed right on the top of the front post. Its awesome
  8. Couple of pics. Review to come soon.
  9. Apex has bulgy wood that has the trap door. And its only 25 bucks
  10. +1 on getting a saiga. I paid 289 bucks for my 7.62. Converting it is a blast and you learn all you need to know about how the gun operates. Plus in the end you know you have a true Russian ak.
  11. Look up MARKW1 on this board, I got my gas tube from him for a good price. He also has the FSB you need to attach the cleaning rod
  12. +1 the hogue grip. Super comfortable. And i believe TGI is who originally imported the rifle.
  13. I agree with grim. I could totally see the start of the threads on the muzzle. There is quite a large gap.
  14. Thanks man. Actually I kind of felt the same way lol. I just started it to track my progress, but now I kind of enjoy doing it. I have a lot more planned for it. Thanks for the kind words.
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