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  1. Mind if I ask how much the cut and weld job cost? about to go the same route and curious how much to budget for. Thanks!! -Rick
  2. Yup, thats why I figured to see who was a CIIIFFL to have it done because in some interpretations the barrel is a direct components of the shotty and modification regardless of on or off would then be classified as SBR modification. I figured was a safer than sorry situation.
  3. Hokay, quick question. I had to take my saiga apart to drill out and add a third port and I figured while the gun is apart I should get the barrel shortened and the muzzle pinned. She is still in pieces and I was not sure what the process was to have that work done. Reason being is that if I save some cost due to less labor I should leave her apart. I contacted one gentlemen in MI about having it done but I have yet to hear back from him. Does anyone know of anyone else qualified to do this work? I was thinking after I get this done I would then spray her down with HK
  4. If we didn't b.s. with eachother. Who would:-) It's where the weight is. Now I was thinking about the trim down and the loss of weight from the barrel would even out with the brake. I was shooting the tromix on a stock barrel length so it became heavy in the nose. A few weeks back on the 200 there was some guys on the 200 doing laps then taking position and shooting. The temp was around d 98 that day. We tend to enjoy abusing ourselves
  5. I am still at the bar only while petting only 2 kittens. someday I hope to step up to full sized cats. I also am with you on the, "if it's too heavy, grow stronger" but I am a beefy guy as well as the other guys I shoot with but by the end of the day we are exhausted and I notice my accuracy isn't as sharp and I am trying to combat muscle fatigue to better myself and avoid going too far with the weight.
  6. How much does your saiga weigh? I think we need a baseline of comparison. Always count on lugging it around and shooting all day!
  7. It's Beastly, My friend has the tromix and it is HEAVY compared to the GK-01 which I have on mine. Saiga is heavy enough without needing to add more to it. I plan on shortening my barrel and pinning the gk-01 like one of my friends did. (stole his pic)
  8. a good pic from BAD about the KNS safety http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=449722776005&set=o.152289591458357&type=1&theater
  9. Woah junk in the trunk, was borrowing a SSteel barrel from a friend and when I finally got the upper for this build in my total weight dropped 3lbs. Added a spikes nickel boron BCG and lube the gun out with froglube (stuff is fantastic!) 14.5 VIS Monolythic chrome barrel I left room behind the Eotech for the G33 they have coming out later this year.
  10. VERY weird. I have no idea why aside from VERY tight machining, the KNS pins are a touch thinner (obviously since they slide in and out of the receiver) But its weird to think that its that detremental. KNS's LPK components are also fantastic. Check out their stainless steel safety detent as an example. That sucker has an awesome engagement on BAD ASSelectors
  11. Got em mounted on two different saigas.
  12. Stripped the words right off of my tongue. +1 chop the barrel or lose the brake.... unless you are going for Goose Gun feel and handling. Otherwise, looks like you have them set up as you like, but the question Doctor is.... do they run? 1 out of 2. LOL likely going to have to increase port size and add a third port to the one thats having issues. We live in IL no such thing as SBS.
  13. wont kill themselves. Just finished up bills (the trijicon one in the back) tonight and figured I should snap some shots.
  14. flashlight in the barrel and clear view to the ports and confirm same access in the piston chamber.
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