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  1. XXasdf

    TWS Rail Rear Sight Options

    Nice pics, I'd like to try out the buckhorn model down the line. I have the TWS factory rear sight right now and I cant really use it with the low mounted red dot I have. Maybe the buckhorn will sit low enough.
  2. XXasdf

    Ultimak thumbhole for saiga12 conversion

    I had one of those on my S12 for a while, the recoil pad was good but it took some fitting for the stock to fit properly on the saiga 12. IMO it wasn't worth the effort. I found someone that was selling the bulgarian thumbhole stocks in the WTS section and it fit much better.
  3. XXasdf

    New version/updated 308 being imported?

    Thats a saiga 100 version of the .308 I believe a small number of these were inported a while ago. Heres a link to BRG3's writeup of the 30-06 version. An interesting read. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/14684-pictorial-writeup-saiga-100-in-30-06/
  4. XXasdf

    Would you trade a S410 for a S20?

    I haven't seen any more Saiga 20s around but have seen a few 410s at the local shops. I would trade it for the 20 and buy another 410.
  5. XXasdf

    TAC 47 Industries " M.A.G. 12 " Magwell

    Looks like I won Auto plug 1 #40. pm sent.
  6. XXasdf

    Saiga Books?

    Gabe Suarez has a Saigashotgun specific video + book. Heres a link to the book http://www.onesourcetactical.com/saigashotgungunfightingbookbygabrielsuarez.aspx
  7. XXasdf

    What to DO? I need some ideas for my Saiga AK-74

    Alumalite usa makes a 14x1 thread shoud/ faux supressor that covers most of the barrel. Just google it if you wanna check em out.
  8. XXasdf

    Saiga .223 Prices Today

    JG sales still has em for sale at $299.
  9. XXasdf

    Finally finished with my .308 conversion

    Updated pic with MWI microdot mount and pauly's new charging handle. I'll post more when the TWS gen II comes in.
  10. XXasdf

    the gun that started it all

    Is that Jayne's Saiga (aka Vera)? Yes I'm a nerd for knowing this
  11. XXasdf

    TAC 47 Industries " M.A.G. 12 " Magwell

    I might have to buy another saiga12 for this.
  12. The peep costs $40 separate and the .308 version(which css does not offer i think) is more expensive.