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  1. Anyone else notice the MKA 1923 bullpup? Looked interesting enough I picked one up to play with.
  2. Eh, my judgement is apparently not good at all. Three up, three down. Inning is over and I'm gonna stay on the bench where it's quiet for quite a while.
  3. On one hand, I dearly love the Tavor TAR21 I got two years ago and the X95 may become favored as well. The trigger on the X95 is better than the original TAR 21 by a fair amount and I am actively considering aftermarket triggers for both. As soon as I get fully acclimated to the X95 controls we are going to do the shoot house and see how it handles. If the NFA gets trimmed it's barrel will too. On the other hand, the ACR is okay, but not as devastatingly awesome as it was represented to me, at least not in .556. Maybe if I can get the 6.8 barrel kit I will warm up to it more. It seems abou
  4. First range day with the VEPR 30.06

  5. " Supposedly " there is going to be a .300 barrel for the X95. Some have turned up on the secondary market but they seem to be one of a kind custom units. The 6.8 and 300 barrels and bolts for the ACR has become a cottage industry, parts available with a lead time involved.
  6. Okay, you have a good point. ACR and X95 will get their exercise this weekend. Since my budget is well and truly blown now I added an ACOG to the ACR ( it just works and it looks...right! ) and a red dot with a 5x magnifier to the X95. Mags ( and magpul drums, one came with the ACR ) are loaded and waiting, 4WD is fueled and serviced, weekend will be in the 80's with no wind. Desert, here I come!
  7. And the final result..... Tavor is in the safe waiting for range day. (And the promise of a .300 blackout and 5.45 kits in the future). Enhanced ACR is being held on my marker for a couple more weeks until I can pick it up. Wonder if the 6.8 conversion is available yet? And just to add icing to the entire thing: A VEPR 23' barrel 30.06 will be ordered from KVAR on Monday... Bless me Father, for my will (on this particular subject) is weak. My smoking wallet will not forgive me anytime soon and there is a lot of ramen in my near future. And yet, I regret nothing. Tha
  8. I still call it an investment. 30.06 is a good round and if I dress it up like a Dragunov SVD . Medium range ( 300 - 600 M ) accuracy is what I want to find out about. Worst case scenario I can still recover what it cost under almost any circumstance. OTOH, look at the Saiga prices these days.
  9. A VEPR in 30.06 with 23" barrel has caught my interest. May take precedent over my other dilemma and have me eating ramen even longer now.
  10. Okay, I need some help with this. Had an enhanced ACR and an X95 offered to me by a friend who is lightening his collection. About 100 rounds through both, they still look new. Have thought through the ins and outs of both and just can not decide. Since there are no new Saiga offerings at the moment and this is what is available. The kicker to the decision is they are both the same price, and it is below the cost of a new Tavor X95. Help?
  11. Absolutely none, much to my amazement! Notched for the mag release tower and shortened two internal ribs to clear the trigger. On the other hand, the original nylon bushing for the trigger would not allow reset and required a smaller diameter to work. Need to spend some time tweaking the final roller size for the best result. An improved trigger probably would not hurt either. Why do I have the urge to get another Kushnapup and a 7.62x54 VEPR to make this one a companion piece? Somehow I fear this may come to pass!
  12. I need to get a spare bolt carrier for a Saiga .308 so I can modify it and still keep the original bolt carrier unmolested. Yeah, that sounds bad... Sorry. Putting a left side gas tube charging handle ( Dublin AK ) on the bullpup I am building and taking the original charging handle off. What info I could find suggested the AK 74 carrier was a possible choice. Considering this forum is the fount of knowledge on Saiga I expect that this has been discussed and resolved before. Knowledge shared would be greatly appreciated or even a sharp kick in the tail in the right direction.
  13. TheDeacon


    Saiga bullpups I assembled (works in progress)
  14. Starting a new project (finally!) Saiga 308 in a Kushnapup Stock

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