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  1. Thanks but no thanks. And I'll never buy anything from KVAR again.
  2. Don't know how long this sale will last but I just ordered 1080. $120 +S/h SOG Intl. Inc Southernohiogun.c
  3. I don't know how long this sale will last but I just ordered some. SOG Intl. Southern Ohio Inc $120 for 1080
  4. Atlanta here, Chamblee to be exact, and I work in Buckhead.
  5. And this is why I'm here, and why I contributed: The knowledge gained is awesome!
  6. If I wasn't in the middle of an AR build....great pistol. So what happened, do you not like the caliber?
  7. Yep, in the box, was $85 new, sacrifice $50 + $5 Shipping. If you want to pay paypal the total will be $57.50 but MO is ok. PM me. Thanks!
  8. I just put one on my x39 but I have not had the chance to shoot yet. I can tell you it adds weight. That doesnt bother me but it might others.
  9. +1 to this. I considered earlier in this thread getting a Primary Arms Micro Dot for one of my rifles. I've already spent a fair amount of money on Aimpoints after all. I figured that I could designate that Saiga a practice rifle. But then I realized that I don't want any practice rifles - at least not when it comes to my AKs - I want only fighting rifles that I can practice with. So that rifle is still without a dot of any sort, until I can afford another Aimpoint Micro. It may be a while, but at least I know that the irons won't fail me like a cheap red dot might. If a red dot cannot be
  10. Thats what I did. When adding the 74 FSB you dont have to thread the barrel due to the FSB haveing 24x1.5 right handed threads already, thus allowing the MB to screw on nicely. Thank you!!!
  11. Noob question here. After getting the FSB off you DID NOT thread the barrel? How did that MB go on?
  12. Did mine last night, perfect without a hitch!!!
  13. Thank you Brian!!!! Another distributor ran out of bullet guides and then couldn't meet their re-stock promise date. I ordered the BGs from Brian on 12/20 and received them on 12/27. Seven days during Christmas week is awesome. Brian gets all my business from here on out. Here's hoping that his business grows in the new year to the point where he can give up the 9-5 if he wishes!
  14. I thought I might want a foregrip and decided against it. This is used and does not have the stock. They are in awesome condition for somebody who wants a used look or is interested in refinishing the upper HG and lower FG. PM me. I have a Paypal acct but will take a MO. $30.00 Shipped
  15. $10.00 Shipped, Brand new, I just decided to go with wood. Yes, the long screw is included. PM me. I have a Paypal acct but a MO is fine. I also have in another listing the matching Strikeforce ATI stock (Both will be $50.00 shipped).
  16. This is brand new, only taken out for the picture. Started down the tactical route for my conversion and now I'm gonna do wood. I also have the matching pistol grip from ATI in another listing. The Stock is $40.00 shipped ($50.00 if you want the PG as well). I have a Paypal acct but a MO will be fine too. PM me if there is interest.
  17. Hey all, bought this and then decided to go wood furniture. Has only been out of the packaging for the pics. This of course bolts right on the Saiga without additional parts Will sell for $70 total (no addl shipping). PM me - I do have a Paypal account but a MO works too.
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