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  1. I'll check my distributors later today and get back with you.
  2. Look up top salary for a corrections officer in NJ they surpass 95k especially in my county. Once again wanna run your mouths please come talk shit to my face or go back to wally world. Later folks. Pm me you address next time I'm up that way, I'll make a point to stop by and rattle your cage.
  3. Mine does too. Never had an issue out of my pk380 either. Just like everything else massed produce there will be a couple bad in the bunch. I've had a bad couple of glocks that had to go back and my sig p290rs went back to sig.
  4. At the shop I'll work with anyone that buys with cash. You swipe a card there is a swipe fee plus a 2-4.5% fee on the sale. It's like that no matter which credit card machine you go with. Cash is king and normally do better with it at a smaller store.
  5. Magnum research 1911 has the smoothest action in that price range.
  6. I was doing 80% lowers when I couldn't find a lower under $150 during the peak of the gun buying spree. Now you can find lowers for $50. Not really worth your time unless you want a gun off the books.
  7. Yeah I got that, I was responding about the video, the OP is spot on I have a bit of PTSD, I cannot be around a setting like that anymore. It seems to gotten worse in the past 4 years. That's why I can't shoot at an indoor range anymore. Had a guy with a loaded 12ga point it at me and asked how do you get the safety off. I had my stepson with me. I grabbed my stuff and left. I shoot exclusively at the farm with my friends (they know I'm a big stickler over range safety more so with the step children with me).
  8. Wish I could find some GT .223 that was some of the best ammo I ever shot.
  9. Hope you got a good price on it. There is a high amount of mark up from wholesale price vs. msrp or actual selling price.
  10. Waiting for these to come in the shop to try out. Have 1000 rounds of 9mm on order.
  11. fast2gnt

    broken mag!

    Unless it's not a true glock mag. The kci glock mags I heard this about but not true glock mags.
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