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  1. Next time you guys go to the range I would be interested if you have an open spot. None of my friends have saigas lol they are all ar guys.
  2. *** I have a first generation CSS Puc.*** I should not run my gun with the Auto Plug and CSS Puc, because that combination yields a condition where my carrier's left shoulder does not contact the front trunnion (near the breach). The AP and CSS puc are too long together, and this will lead to battering the neck of the already weakly designed carrier. I believe this has been addressed with the Gen 2 CSS Puc wich has been the only one available for a while. My Gen 1 CSS Puc will need to be trimmed down a little bit with a mill. I am talking about a few hundredths of an inch. The gap
  3. I had a few people recommend not to run the autoplug. So I have been a little iffy on using mine. Well I put it on the other day and am hopefully going to get mine dialed in next weekend. My question is should there be any concerns running this with a css gas puck? or should I go to the factory puck? My gun currently performs flawlessly. Thanks.
  4. Here my 223. Its more of a novelty than anything.
  5. Surefire 223 mags fit not Promag. I have put one together. Fyi..I put a bolt through the top on mine to hold it together better. It was a little to loose on the top where barrel is. The barrel rests on it and its holding a rail on the sides so you cant tell I added it. Stock feels solid now
  6. That sucks.. I think you would better off converted. I like my kpup but dont think I would like it with a 12.
  7. one of mine has the holes and the older one doesnt. I added one to the older http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/82748-another-conversion/
  8. No professional here... but do you have more control of the gun in stock configuration? No offense but it seemed to be throwing you around a little which could cause a problem.
  9. Finally done after a long wait for duracoat. I ended up adding a gas port. Love the look this may be my new fav.
  10. Ya I almost bought a shake & spray kit. Once I get a garage, I will be about diy painting.
  11. Well went to pick this thing up over a month later and half of the gun wasnt even coated. The guy ended up keeping another week to respray. I showed up to pick it up and the finish looked awful. If local to Ohio, Please do not deal with Precision Engagement. I will be dropping off this weekend to another company and hopefully this time it will go much better. Its sad how hard it is to find quality service.
  12. Pics? I am still debating on a muzzle brake. As of now I am leaning towards the cncwarrior 4pc. Is there play in the break? A lot of guys were claiming their brakes to be loose fitting. This includes the cnc. Are you having the same issues?
  13. lol.. all it needs is a flashlight and a plunger attached to it.... bathroom tactical style yo
  14. Anyone doe this? I have been fighting with ways to carry comfortably. I just picked up a Kahr p380 in hopes to help carrying from being a chore. I took my pocket holster http://www.elitesurvival.com/index.php?p=product&id=32&parent=2 and stuck it in my pants at 1-2 o"clock and wow, the gun was invisible, the draw was not sacraficed and most importantly it is very comfartable. The problem is I dont like a barrel pointed at the family jewels. Am I being paranoid? The trigger guard is not exposed. Any other suggestions? I have tried crossbreed and they are just to bulky.
  15. Promag ak 223 mags didnt lock in and the ramp? of the mag was lower than the factory mag. I tried some steel 223 mags. They were extremely tight but the ramp was lower as well. I ordered 2 of these before they said out of stock, http://armsofamerica.com/brandnewyugo556steel30rdmagazine.aspx, but was unsure if they were in stock when purchased. I hoping they shipped since they billed me but I am still looking at alternatives.
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