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  1. esremt

    My baby now

    My fiancee is left handed so it helps keep the ejection port forward of her face and it is 922 compliant in it's current configuration.
  2. Promag 20 rnd drums $80 from Midway plus lifetime warranty Promag rules.
  3. I had the same issue ran perfect out of the box then issues. I pulled the gas block and opened up the front and rear port can't remember what size bit. Just go a little larger did the polishing work then a CSS reliability kit. Runs perfect.
  4. I love my promag 20 round drum. O have had it for about a year put 500 rounds through it my buddies gave me hell for buying it until I did a 20 round mag dump in under 5 seconds three times in a row no failures. Most of the time newbies don't realize it's a tuning problem in the gun not the mag.
  5. OK for anyone who lives in Virginia. If you have a Saiga 12 with a folding stock do not even think about putting a 20 round drum on it. As soon as you do you are in violation of the street sweeper law which is an instant felony. Residents of other states should check to make sure it isn't a local law. I have a ProMag 20 round drum and have had no complaints.
  6. ProMag has lifetime warranty so I'm not to worried about shooting it out.
  7. Ok most of you will think I'm nuts but i jewelled my bolt carrier pics coming

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    2. esremt


      Check out my gallery the pics are in there.

    3. Dad2142Dad


      looks nice, how does it shoot?


    4. esremt


      Haven't shot it since I've done the jeweling. I polished the bolt around a year ago so I don't see it changing performance I've completely tuned it and run 20 round mag dumps in under 5 seconds

  8. 2new pics in gallery

  9. 2new pics in gallery

  10. has anyone else seen the Origin 12 holy shit i want one

    1. Shandlanos


      No, you don't. Made by incompetent asshats. It's like a saiga-12, but way more expensive and less likely to be delivered.

    2. Fallschirmjager667


      i'd take one for free, there's about $4500 worth of aluminum on there

    3. echoside190


      They're worth their weight in scrap metal.

  11. got my intrafuse tri rail forend today and ordered a 20round drum mag.

  12. running squad tonight fun fun.

  13. ok what is all the stuff in the tool kit for I know the cleaning brush patch jig and screwdriver what is the punch and the rest used for?

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    2. schultze13


      Watch this I learned alot.

    3. schultze13


      I learned alot from watching this.

    4. ShadowFire


      Or if you're like me, you don't use the factory cleaning rod because your brass cleaning rod is better for your barrel bore.

  14. I turned tangerines and a kiwi into fruit salad with my S12 erlier. It was awesome!!!

    1. ShadowFire


      Nice. You try an MD-20 drum yet? :)

    2. esremt


      No I'm gonna get a promag from midway but they're out of stock right now and I'm out of money LOL.

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