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  1. I've got an SGL-21 that I've been wanting to put a collapsible stock on so I'd be interested in giving it a try.
  2. Seems long to me as well but I haven't checked the current laws there, before they lifted the waiting period here in KS it was a seven day max I believe.
  3. After picking up one of my rifles I noticed the last guy tacked the PG nut in place with a bit of black loctite two part epoxy. It never budged the few years I left it until I had to smack it out while disassembling to repaint the rifle and it took quite a bit of force. If you wanted to make it a permanent part a very small tack would work well.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you picked up a good one, mine has taken quite a bit more tweaking and part replacing to shoot bulk pack with any reliability.. All I could recommend would be a good aftermarket gas plug (I picked up a dph brand) to get a little more oomph with the low power stuff and just shoot the hell out of it. Over time as parts wear in together it smooths out helping with reliability. Other than that a conversion would be a fun project if you haven't already, it really helps to know the ins and outs of your S12.
  5. They've always been kind of scarce in my neck of the woods. If I was to take a guess I'd say it's mostly from growing demand, and they might not be producing them at a rate anywhere near some of their other calibers. The dock strikes could play a roll but it isn't as likely.
  6. Colfax tactical offers them, not sure if any are in stock though.
  7. Just got mine in, mine wont activate the lrbho when I hand cycle them though. It only pushed the bolt catch up enough to barely touch my bolt face. I'll take them out to function test tomorrow hopefully and try it then.
  8. The proper way is to take a flathead screwdriver you don't love wide enough and cut a notch out of the center of it so it will go over the screw with some clearance to unscrew the nut. Mine wasn't super tight so I was able to use a small pair of needle nose pliers to carefully place into the slot and twist to unscrew. Put blue loctite on it when I put it back together and it's been GTG since.
  9. What I suggest right now is to buy one rifle if you don't have any and use the rest of the money you set aside for other rifles on parts, magazines and ammo. It's better to have one rifle with spare parts, good quality magazines and a a supply of ammo sealed away before the panic buyers dry up all the suppliers, because who knows when the next shipment will be in.
  10. Very nice... I've been wanting a USP-45 or an HK45 for years now.
  11. IIRC you'll need to thin down the sides and bottom a little to fit it in the thicker receiver. The route I went with was the VLTOR milspec stock tube, it has an insert that fits the Vepr-12 with it and just leaves a small gap at the top on each side of the tube. Either one will work fine on the V-12 after you fit the commercial one to your gun, for me it just came down to having milspec stocks around to use.
  12. Here's my S-12 in the russian red flavor.
  13. My vote goes to the HSGI taco's as well. Pair them with your choice chest rig or plate carrier and you'll be set for damn near any rifle or shotgun magazine made. RIght now I have the TAG rampage plate carrier but would like a lightweight chest rig, it's just low on my list of things I need.
  14. Only one I've found is on Brownells, the base would need to be ground or milled so it won't be so tall and its around $70 IIRC. They call it picatinny base stock and it's made by EGW. Midway also has an 18" section of rail in the white (no finish) in steel but it'll run you $135.99 and it's backordered until the end of the month or later.
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