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  1. I smell an angry gouger, hahahahaha.... The flagging must be working cuz you guys are getting seriously pissed. Whatsa matter, you get stuck with 10k rounds of ammo you can't move? Or maybe some Pmags that nobody will pay $50 for? So just to be clear... You're for an all out gun ban? Hmmmm.... Maybe China would be a good place for you sir. Thank you for your valuable input to this thread. I smell a mouth breathing moron who can't sense sarcasm. if someone is willing to pay the price that's what it's worth, if it's priced too high it won't sell. no need to be a little bitch a
  2. I hope they just ban guns completely so i don't have to listen to a bunch of morons complain about how they cost too much. if you don't want to pay the asking price don't buy it, if you don't like people asking so much, move to fucking china and quit whining like a bunch of little cunts
  3. I think he's trying to attach an underfolder stock to a non AK rifle
  4. so over on the politics and religion files, it's perfectly ok to threaten to kill government officials, talk about building unregistered machine guns, talk about killing cops, tell people they will burn in hell because they didn't buy a wasr, and a whole list of other bullshit, but you get banned for that what's even more comical is they actually had a thread just recently asking for suggestions on how to fix the shit that goes on there, i sent a PM to the new mod with some suggestions, but i doubt they will be taken into account because it involves banning people who openly admit to i
  5. there's the maxrounds, but they are expensive and you have to order from Europe
  6. now all you have to do is hide a secret code in the series of paintings predicting the end of the world and become the next Nostradamus
  7. yea, file the mag catch to fit the surplus steel mags and then file the bottom of the tab on the tapco mag to fit it to the gun
  8. i'm not a grizzly bear, but if i was, i would try to avoid getting shot with saiga shotguns
  9. cheap artificial trees cost as much as real ones here, and last about as long. a real tree costs me $20 for any one i want
  10. are you using a saiga specific mag or a surplus ak mag?
  11. actually stormi, artificial trees can die. when i go to pull it out of the basement and it's covered in dead bugs and cat piss, i consider it dead
  12. yes, the factory FCG will work, you just have no use for the full auto parts (sear, rate reducer, etc) to be safe you should get rid of those parts and grind off the tail of the disconnector
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