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  1. I'm so tired of people constantly playing the victim. Then they expect an apology. Take some responsibility already.

    1. evlblkwpnz


      Humans love to complain, make people feel sorry for them, and get attention. It is an epidemic.


    2. YOT


      I see what you did there, evl.


    3. Gout72


      My point is, my wife and I work hard to raise our boys right. We teach them the importance of good family values. Just because there is an easier way, doesn't mean it's always the right way.

  2. How many rioters in Baltimore do you think actually know the name of the man that died?

    1. thebuns1
    2. Dad2142Dad


      Not their fault, they can't read their own signs

    3. Gout72
  3. Damn you Walking Dead marathon.

  4. I used to enjoy watching Family Feud, but not anymore....

  5. There's nothing like nice rain storm to cool down the Phoenix area.

  6. Why isn't Sharpton standing by the side of Ray Rice's wife? Oh wait, that was a black on black crime.

    1. garnaz


      Oh give it time.

      Isn't football comish a whitey?



  7. It's never good living in AZ when your ac unit decides to take a shit.

    1. gregomega


      yeah, thats really serious business. Hope you get that fixed soon. Past few weeks have been nothing but thunderstorms and flash floods here. Power going out once a week because of it. Yup, AZ sucks in that aspect.

    2. Shandlanos


      That's one place where it's definitely worthwhile to have a backup generator and at least one small window AC unit.


      Both my folks grew up in AZ - though my mom mostly lived up North, where snow was more of a concern than heat waves.

  8. The first lady of Guatemala comes to visit the living conditions of those kids that traveled to the border... Bitch, take them back with you!!

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    2. garnaz


      She's going to complain about conditions and the US should be ashamed for not providing rainbows and unicorns. Or planning how many more of their unwanted social leaches she can cram on the train.

    3. Gout72


      I'm sure she was just checking to see if there was room to send another round of kids. I'm sure we flipped the bill for her stay also.

    4. Maxwelhse
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