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  1. so i had been using http://jobson.us/922r/ to check for compliance and thought i was good but after reading a post on this thread about it failing to have certain counted parts im wondering i have a saiga 5.45 still stock but i just ordered a tapco intrafuse handguard and stock/grip combo and some tapco 30round mags would i be in compliance with those parts all equiped or should i hold off on installing the pistolgrip/stock combo and 30round mags till i can remove more russian parts?
  2. ok i sent him one shall wait for a reply it is very odd indeed
  3. varsavarti


    my saiga 5.45 a work in progress
  4. ahhh got that pat figured out....kinda thanks for the screenshot help hopefully that will grant some insight into the problem(i am using firefox im not sure if/why that would make a difference though)
  5. ok got the screenshot i think....sry dont mess with forums tomuch (now when i paste it into this post it appears till i hit post then only my text is showing up with no pic...) lol sry guys
  6. yeah all it shows it northeast southeast central southeast and midwest
  7. ya at that screen for me southwest dosent appear....i cant figure out how to take a screen shot to show you but ya its not there for me very strange indeed
  8. dosent work for me atleast gives me a "sorry we couldnt find that!" message below which it says i do not have permission to view the page???
  9. so im new to the forums and was trying to seek out some people who may be willing and able to help me when the time comes to convert my saiga 5.45 so i figured the regional section would be a good spot to start looking and realized there was no south west reagion.....sooooo which reagion should i try? i am in arizona
  10. thanks guys upon further research i figured hot water to flush/rinse the barrel and gas tube possibly running a moist swab rerinse then then blow it all out with a air compressor to dry the water maybe a quick shot of wd40 to help get out any excess water blow that all out then giving it a gd amount of clp and spray again with air compressor to blow the lube down into all the lil hard to reach spots....would this be good?
  11. so i just bought my saiga rifle chambered 5.45 used and the guy i bought it from had been using wd40 putting the rifle butt up then spraying wd40 down the barrell and gas tube giving a quick rub with the brush then some more wd40 to flush anything loose out and let it drain...thoughts?
  12. i used this site to find some gd deals recently.....http://ammoseek.com/?gun=rifle&cal=249
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