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  1. bofor

    Kobra red dot

    I want to sell my Kobra red dot EKP-1S-01 but cant enter in WTS area.
  2. I want to post a private individual ad but reading the rules I cant find the "register" button. how do I post ? By the way I am in UK
  3. SO....where are all the MKA1919 and Bora shooters now posting ?
  4. bofor

    Wanted in UK

    Cheers Dad ( well not my dad but...) I have found it and done it.
  5. Whats the new laws for exporting to UK, guess its impossible with ITAR laws ?
  6. Hi Looking to buy a Vepr-12 in UK, Prefer a used one in excellent condition. Thanks
  7. bofor

    Wanted in UK

    I am in the UK and looking to buy a GOOD USED Vepr-12 Anyone on here from UK with one for sale ?
  8. I have had lots of FTE and the gun will only work fairly reliable with 32gram shells and I have decided to buy and change the extractor claw. See pics/files attached This looks easy to do, any help on the size of the punch to knock out the pin and any tips would be very useful. Thanks
  9. I have one word for that "D**n" Here in the UK the BR99 is growing as its 1/2 price of the MK1919. Have to start saving my pennies, , sorry cents.
  10. YAHOOOO AGAIN !!! Will it fit the BR99 as well ?
  11. Matt Is this shippable to UK ? Will it fit a Pre XN ? Will it fit a BR99 ? Thanks
  12. Its not simple to export guns or parts for guns.And if you dont do it legal and by the book as far as the state dept and ITAR you may just go to jail. I suspect some folks here may want to think aabout this!!! Jim Actually, sporting shotguns and parts arent controlled under State Department/ITAR, they fall under BIS/EAR (ECCN 0A984) and are pretty easy to export. Any dealers here that can work to both ITAR and the BIS/EAR(ECCN 0A984) want to deal with me, I have a Customs number for clearance in UK. ?
  13. I have tried to get one shipped to the UK but no one seems willing or able to do this. We have a lot of trouble getting things sent here from the USA, even silly little things.
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