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  1. not a rifle but check out this good deal from jgsales http://www.jgsales.com/yugo-zastava-pap-m92pv-ak-style-pistol,-krinkov-pattern,-7.62x39,-wood-stock,-new.-p-57965.html
  2. I guess the outrage most people felt for the disgusting levels of price gouging CTD did in the wake of newtown has worn off. Me I will never buy from them becuase of it. Cant you return it to Century (for warranty repair) I beleive they are the ones who built them? http://www.centuryarms.com/DriveEngine/%7B652551866%7DPolicy%20for%20Customer%20Return%202012.pdf http://www.centuryarms.com/helpdesk.html
  3. I dont get the lack of accountability on pauly's part. Simply report him for cyber fraud or fraud and things will move along real fast. Clearly he could not give a damn since no one seems to be able to find out exactly what is going on. I think everyone have been more than reasonable and it has failed. Time to call in the authorities.
  4. +1 to that. You missed the boat on cheap mags, but they can still be found for $25 each, which the price of the ammo will quickly make up for. As far as the rifle itself, do it. I bought mine on a whim and it quickly became my favorite. Every single person that's ever fired it has been amazed at how sweet the round is, including two AR owners. No idea how good these are but they are pretty cheap limit 6 per customer http://www.cdnninvestments.com/ak530daeapom.html
  5. Do this. Document it. What sort of titanium alloys do you have access to in sheet form? Some are way too soft to make a good receiver. Some alloys are too soft, some are too hard/brittle. Good steel is a great material because it has a very high tensile strength - it isn't all that hard, but it's damned strong. I used to make chainmail, and for the fancy stuff generally used Grade 5 aerospace titanium - TIAL6V4. Had to be super careful bending that stuff, bend a ring 90 degrees and it breaks. Pure titanium, on the other hand, was almost as soft and malleable as aluminum.
  6. email the owner of strike hard gear that guy will custom make anything you want and his prices are very good.
  7. better than getting molested by some TSA freak and having a short flight.....
  8. Never been, iam one of those working stiffs who dont even live from paycheck to paycheck...i live from paycheck to 4 days later. I would love to go though.....one day....soon hopefully.
  9. I notice the front sight is very close to end of the barrel on the IZ-239 22in. Is it possible to remove the front sight, cut the barrel to 18in length, then add muzzle brake then re-attach the front sight...? Or just purchase the IZ-139 which looks to have enough barrel length in front of the front sight to add a muzzle brake...? Are there any other differences between the IZ-239 vs IZ-139 besides what the picture is showing of the barrel length in front of the front sight...??? Looking at just the 22 in barrel models. Tia SmilinEd It is possible to cut the barrel, thread it
  10. Ordered Ti its will be on its way soon enough, if I cant get the rails welded in I guess I will need to do a screw build. 0.04in = 1.0160mm http://www.ebay.com/itm/TITANIUM-SHEET-6AL-4V-040-x-12-x-12-/261257624982 material is cheap enough if I screw it up....no big deal.
  11. I have access to large flat laser machine at work than can cut metal up to 3/4 inch thick with no rough edges......perhaps I will buy a flat then copy it and cut one in 1mm titanium sheet. No need for heat treat with titanium then. bet I could do it, if any of you have a good print for a flat that is 100 % accurate I would like a copy of it. Hell I would build it just for shits and giggles....titanium sheet metal receiver ak.....hell yeah.
  12. Hmm after checking all the laws with regards to re welding demilled receivers and such I decided to give this a pass. Too much trouble to be worth it for me.
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