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  1. Okay okay, I guess Google is hard so I'll find you the article. These are the kind of goons that wear a badge in the Garden State. http://www.nj.com/union/index.ssf/2015/10/wrong-way_crash_pedro_abad_linden_cop_second_court.html
  2. Hell yeah, Land Cruisers are amazing if you can find one. I've seen a few online past the one million mile mark.
  3. By that logic, why are you on an AK forum? LMFAO You know this rifle was invented by communists and used by pretty much every terrorist group the world has ever seen. But you know guns are just inanimate objects, and inanimate objects have no political affiliation or mind of their own. Because you're not retarded, right? Only retarded liberals blame inanimate objects for their misuse. I'm sure you're not retarded.
  4. I'm still waiting for you to point out what it was about my post that is not correct.
  5. Likewise, one could also make the useless assertion that one has already heard your talking points ad nauseum on FOX or Breitbart. Considering I have quite a bit of experience with police unions and misconduct in the northeast, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. Especially since I am referring to actual events that have happened in recent memory. I thought we all lost ours in a tragic boating accident?
  6. It's impossible to read the man's thoughts, but probably not. Maybe down south cops are familiar with guns laws (or there are simply so few) but in much of the northeast, the average cop has no idea what's legal or illegal, especially when you get into "assault weapons" nonsense. Which makes it even scarier because you never know if some local cop will think that neutered AR is illegal. That said cops generally feel they are above the law. Because most of the time they literally get away with murder. These guys know that DUI is illegal yet they literally get on the highway and do 100MPH c
  7. Republicans are probably the worst thing to happen to this country since 9/11. Overall I'd say they did more damage to personal liberty in the last two decades than Al-Qaeda could have ever dreamed of.
  8. Best way to deal with the Canadian Goose is to put crushed up rat poison on day old bread/croutons. Throw it in the yard and problem solved.
  9. Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of Russian propaganda. Russia is a pretty fucked up place. How many terms has Putin been president again? Didn't he create a special position for himself when he pretended to let that other guy be president for a couple years? Don't they literally have the mafia running state-owned corporations? Sounds like the highest level of fuckery to me. And then this host gets probably paid off to talk about America for a night instead.
  10. Does it shoot within a 6" circle at 7 yards? Pistol is fine, comrade.
  11. Honestly, I think 20mm is too big and unnecessary. What type of rifle is best for shooting down a drone? Now we're asking the important questions.
  12. "If that occurs, Hitlery is our doom and goodbye America" I recall the exact same thing being said on gun boards 9 years ago about "Maobama" yet here we all still are. America is strong. You cannot just kill America so easily. Long live the USA, est. 1776
  13. Likely some sort of Nutnfancy/Red Dawn-esque fantasy wherein he is some sort of commando. Around here, we stock up on shotguns and semi-auto rifles, just in case there's a riot again.
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