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  1. The way I fixed this issue was to weld a "fence" on the right side of my trigger to hold the spring over. In my case the spring leg was sliding over and wedging under the disconnector.
  2. As and FYI, WAKAL posted on the Brian Enos Forum that the G3 AR lower will allow a smoothed Surefire magazine to fit its magwell...That is not saying it would be compatible with the system but there is a good chance it might with the right coaxing.
  3. Same thing happened to me in competition once and the cover rolled downward and wedged between the hammer preventing the gun from firing. It is just a spot weld holding the ring to the plate. The part is not needed for function and for my competition guns I automatically remove them. I personally would just take it to a radiator repair shop and let one of them mig or tig weld it for a couple of dollars. The replacement you get MAY end up doing the same thing after some shooting. It MAY not, but you've seen it happen once.....
  4. I'll flame you before anyone else does in a meaner way....Your Saiga and everyone else in the US.....barring they do not have one of the old Jeric designed LRBHO, one of Cobra's LRBHO (someday available), or another homemade LRBHO are all in the same boat. Since you are a member, then, within a section, you can use the search option and search any of the following words and find a world of information. You are new to the forum so WELCOME!!! LRBHO Jeric Warfied Armory I am sure there are others but these will provide the most info.
  5. I use an Ergo Suregrip on both my AR and Saiga. Comfortable and covered in a rubber outer to keep your hand from slipping. They offer the same style for both AR and AK so you can have the same grip on both.
  6. Yes it is the Remington marked stock. It would be a couple days before I can get pics up. It has the logo on the gipe and LEO on the stock.
  7. I have a few items to post and sell for a friend of mine. 1-Brand new MD Arms 20rd drum in the box. Never shot and never installed in a gun. $255.00 shipped. 1-Remington 870 Top Folding Law Enforcement Pistol grip stock. $115.00 shipped. 2-Brand New Springfield Armory M1A 3rd Generation Scope mounts. Never installed. $125.00 each shipped. 6-Brand New Promag 10 round Saiga 12 magazines still in plastic bags. $155.00 for all shipped or $28.00 ea shipped minimum of 2. Thanks, Phillip
  8. pics....I also forgot to mention it has the Tromix extended charging handle and a rubber butt pad on the stock.
  9. I have a Saiga 12 IZ109 converted for OPEN Class USPSA or fun with the following mods. I did the conversion personally. Saiga 12 Tapco G2 Trigger Tapco T6 AR style 6 positions Stock Jack Travers Newest Surefire Magwell Four Surefire 12 round magazines fitted to gun Polychoke II with flashhider/muzzlebrake Ergo Suregrip AK grip R&R Racing Sliding Safety Conversion R&R Racing Thumb Release for Magazines (RIGHT HANDED SHOOTERS) HI VIZ Fiberoptic front Sight (Plain Barrel Sight epoxied to gas block-front sight is also still attached) Personal Note-I have been using Saigas
  10. The zombie stage would be great except for one HUGE problem.....having to change targets after each shooter would be a nightmare!!!!!
  11. Depending on the DISTANCE you have to shoot for these slug targets then what I would do is use a "low recoil" slug made by pretty much all the manufacturers. Around my area the most common is the Remington model. They are great out to 50-60 yards and then depending on your gun they may be good out to 100 yards. Also keep in mind the quantity of rounds you have to shoot. 1-2 high power slugs in a stage SHOULD NOT cause any problems. I shot a match last year with slug targets no less than 60 yards away and up to 128 yards. I used full power Remy Sluggers and never missed. The biggest stag
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