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  1. KneeDeep Tell your son I will be praying for him in Louisiana. jonblack
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe 922r has nothing to do with who constructed/built the Saiga 12. If you have more than 10 of the parts on the list, you can not use "high capacity" (over 5 rounds) magazines without being in violation, no matter who did/didn't do anything to the gun. In other words, you can't take a box stock Saiga 12 and use a high capacity magazine with it, otherwise they would just ship a high capacity magazine with the gun. Even more, you can't add a pistol grip of any sort ("converted" or cheesy bolt-on) and use the gun with a high-cap magazine without replacing
  3. I want a Free Conversion My wife and I drove about 100 miles round trip to visit her sister. We then came by home to watch our local fire works show. We live in a small town of 300 and I would guess about 2000 people showed up. A car that was parked in the grass caught on fire and someone parked in front of the door at the local fire station. Needless to say that guy got his vehicle towed. They got the fire put out without further incident. Saw the guy who owns the local shooting range. He is over 7 feet tall so he is hard to miss. Overall, a pretty nice evening. Thanks for offerin
  4. The trick is to put the weld on the bottom of the trigger leg, then grind to fit your needs. I have done this on a couple of guns. People that shoot them say "whoa!" For overtravel, you can use a double hook trigger on a single hook gun. Modify the unneed hook to become the overtravel stop. Takes a lot of fitting but when you get it done it is really nice. I also straighten out my G2 triggers a little. I think they have too much hook in them. Takes a lot of hammering and polishing, but both of the triggers are pretty impressive in the AK platform. jonblack
  5. I'd like to see pictures of your set up. I am thinking everyone is going to want to know more about your magazines since that seems to be the anchor on the Akdal at the moment. Thank you jonblack
  6. TZL Do you think all grips demand the extensive modifications to install or do you think it is the Magpul grip design that demans the heavy mods? What version Magpul grip did you use? Thank you jonblack
  7. saiga545 - please tell use more about welding mags together and using AGP springs. Is there a thread about this here or on another site? Thanks jonblack
  8. The Tromix adapters do not accept buffer tubes. There is a mounting location so that you can mount a Tromix (or similar) fixed stock or an ACE "pig nose" buffer tube adapter. Futher, mil spec or commercial buffer AR-15 buffer tubes have the same size threads, just different diameters where the adjustable stock slides on. So, the answer is: If you use an ACE buffer tube adapter you can use either a mil-spec or commercial buffer tube. jonblack
  9. jonblack

    Got mine...

    Thanks for sharing. Can you post more pictures, please? We'd all like to see the area where the stock and pistol grip adapters mate to the gun. And, of course, I am sure many of us would like to drool on your rail so please show us a close us of that! I can't make out any detail on the device on the barrel. I am guessing that is a compensator? What kind of issues are you having with the 10 round magazines? Are the 10 rounders just two 5 rounders welded together? Thank again for sharing jonblack
  10. Thank you for your reply Cobra. I appreciate your taking the time to give us info. I always thought the angle was to allow the shooter to get a proper check weld to be about to see through the sights. My wife's Kel Tec Sub 2000 has a straight stock and the check weld you get does not give a good sight picture. I do like the way straight stocks look, though. It appears more "correct" even though I know there are other factors. Thanks again jonblack
  11. Can someone give an update if 90° is the correct cut angle? Also, Cobra, can you explain this picture a little more and explain the difference between the line drawn on the stock and the line on the protractor? Is that just the angular difference in the picatinny rail and the stock? Thank you jonblack
  12. Can't really do that or you will start cutting into the PG before the blade gets through the stock....hence the wood blocks to space it out far enough to just clear. Cobra, thanks for the update. That makes a lot of sense. jonblack
  13. Your front sight is not on backwards. The rear sight is on backwards. Hope this helps jonblack
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