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  1. Been out of work for a few months now so I guess I need to start selling off some stuff. I figure I'd like to get $1500 for everything listed & pictured. This gun has about 400 rounds through it mixed federal 7.5 birdshot and buckshot (mostly birdshot). It runs everything great. The only thing it doesn't like is low recoil stuff just like most auto shotguns. The price adds up to less than I have in it. The paint job is just that. A paint job. Looks fine but if you want a "showcar" looking gun this would need to be cerecoated. Buyer pays shipping and I'll only ship to an FFL. - cus
  2. There was an old thread on here about shimming the Surefire mag follower so it wasn't able to rock front to back so much. I guess that trick didn't catch on and get passed down on here.
  3. A lot of money was made in the gun industry and in a short time leading up to, and following this latest election. It was also easy to predict because the industry went through the same thing 4 years earlier.
  4. My barrel has a few marks from the sight, but you can only tell when the sight is removed. So who cares?
  5. After scrubbing the bolt, bolt carrier, reciver rails, and bolt channels: I like to grease the bolt lugs, lug channels, rails, and bolt carrier. I usually swipe a little grease on the hammer face also. I'll go 500 rounds + before doing this. Around the same for brushing the barrel. The gas puck I scrape every 2-300 rounds or so.
  6. Hey will you post a flat profile pic with the stock extended? Preferably the ejection side.
  7. Do you tig it onto the barrel? Does the barrel have to be removed to perform this? Personally I have more fits with the extractor slot & star crimped low brass than a high feed.
  8. Mitutoyo says about .060" but it's pretty hard to measure a shim gued to a follower. As I mentioned above I prepped both surfaces to be glued and let it set up in the vice to cure. Then I ran the follower through the mag body with no spring to see where it would hang up under normal gravity. I sanded the follower where it would hang up until the follower would slip through free. Then I polished up the follower with 600 grit. Probably overkill though. Just cut the shim to size, prep, glue, clamp, cure, take it shooting.
  9. Here are a couple of pics. The shim is just a peice of plexi. I sanded the front of the follower and the plexi to prep it and super glued it together. Then I set it in the vice and let it cure over night. Haven't had a single feed issue since regardless of ammo. As you point out some shells are shorter than others. The follower rocking back takes that barely long enough shell and points the nose up too far. Stop that rocking and the surefires feed.
  10. It looks like the original thread by tnek is gone. I'll have to take a mag apart tonight & snap some pics.
  11. Where you trying out some new primers? Magnum by chance? Over-used brass typically will crack at the neck, not back at the base where the brass is the thickest and doesn't ever get resized. The neck gets stretched when fired, stretched further before the projectile is loaded, and crimped against the projectile. That's a lot of forming. It could have fired out of battery, but IMO that would have required the brass to have been bulged from the previous shot. That's why it's dangerous to pick up range brass. You have no idea why the guy before you left it there. I've seen a guy l
  12. There was a thread a few years back where a shim was glued to the front of a surefire mag. I did it to both of my 12 round mags, and all of RRice's surefire mags and neither of us have had a feed failure since. Before the shims we were both experiencing about a 4% failure rate and it seemed the faster you shot, the greater the failure rate. The surefire follower was designed to rock. I believe to make it easier to load. As a result, when pouring out hulls, they rock when feeding and cause issues. Shim the front of the follower and no more issues.
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