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  1. Just to clarify porting is a personal choice. No harm can come from correctly porting a smooth bore shotgun, chokes or otherwise.
  2. CheeseHead


    On the Eaa corp website with the Saiga's EAA Vepr
  3. CheeseHead


    Any thoughts on the new Vepr from EAA? (edit for spelling)
  4. I had screw in chokes put in mine just for that reason. $80 including one choke, RemChoke system so getting chokes is a snap. Your gunsmith should be able to do that, if he can't get a new smith.
  5. This is a daul action shotgun. The idea is you can fire it semi auto for regular rounds or pump it in case of a jam or you need to fire soft bean bags that will not cycle the auto action. It is a very sound tactical design for an officer that needs the option of rapid fire or crowd control. That is an advancment in technology!
  6. I'll sell ya mine, or better yet trade for a solid color. The fake wood grain I got looks lame I think. It looks just like the side panels of an old station wagon. I ordered it thinking like you, Wood should look good, but to eack his own.
  7. If it is even possible I think it could look cool, but I'd settle for just a thumbhole scock and forarm set.
  8. So what would it cost to have you make me a stock set like that Yugo for the Saiga 12?
  9. I use mine for duck and geese. I tried to block the mag to 2 and to 3 and found the block wouldn't stay put. I ordered a 2 shot clip from Kalashnikov-USA. Works Great!
  10. I got something goofy. When I screw mine all the way in it is at setting #2. I have shot AA xtra-lite target loads from this position and I have backed it out half a turn to #1 and shot the same loads. It worked great at both settings. So if my gun is at #2 all the way down and not #1 then which is my magnum setting? I could also ask it this way: Do I make the lug tigher or looser to shoot magnums?
  11. It was a worm with an AK from a video game called "Worms Armageddon". But it did look like a big "D". http://wormsarmageddon.team17.com/
  12. Slugs in full choke is bad for the gun. As far as the shotgun being only a CQC weapon ... not! I use my saiga for everything! In the county I live in I can't use a rifle or buckshot ... it's slugs only. So shotgun slugs out 50 yards are the norm around here. I have the same gun as stevem and struggled with the same "What to do with the choke?" question. I could have had a local gunsmith install a remchoke system for $45 and buy chokes at $35-$50 a pop. But I think I'll send it to marblesoutdoors.com and have them put a vented Poly-Choke on for $150. I like the Poly and I think it would lo
  13. CheeseHead


    In WI your weapon can not accept more that 3 rounds (1 chamber, 2 clip) for water fowl. I thought about the plug thing, a wooden rod should work. The great news is that I found a US retailer selling the 2 shot clip! Kalashnikov USA! It cost as much as a 5 ($25) but it would be easier than modifying a 5 round mag. As far a the 8 shot clip I can not find any law that would outlaw them. Can anyone tell me which law kills the 8 shot clip. The AWB says "more than 9 rounds". I guess I can wait till next year, but I don't like companies telling me it's not allowed without the law to back i
  14. CheeseHead


    The following is an email I sent to EAA: > I saw on the Izhmash web site they had 2 shot clips for the Saiga 12. As > you know these are needed to duck hunt. How can I get some of these > clips? My local EAA retailer had no idea they existed and Izhmash told > me to contact you. > Also since the federal law bans "removable magazines that hold more than > 9 rounds" why can't I (non LE) buy an 8 round magazine? What would be > illegal or bad about that? The 8 round magazine would be a great benefit > during 3 gun competition and Iowa pheasant hunting. > Thank
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