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  1. Thanks for the tips....I think Ill try Loctite and staking and see how it goes.
  2. I have mine, love it, but can't seem to keep it mounted. What is the best way to secure it so the screws won't back out......Loctite, or silver solder it in place. A 20rnd dump from my drum today and off it went.
  3. I have it, I love it!!! Question though.....What is the best way to lock it into place? I'm looking to have it soldered on permanently later on but for know should I use Red Loctite or Blue.
  4. Active duty Army crewmember on M1A2's for 4 years with an additional 4 years in the N.G., then 11 years L.E.
  5. Definately better that Stallone's version! Love the 25mm gatlings!
  6. MD Arms 20rnd drum at $140.00. One of the last two in stock at my local copshop. Wife didn't talk to me for a week.
  7. What the Hell!! Killed by a Marine who he was trying to help! What a damn shame! Go in peace brother.
  8. Sweet mod!!! Badass music! I just watched your Tactical Response Video...You Are Da Man!!! That is some motivational shit right there. I took their AR course when I got back from Iraq in '05. Great instructors, great course, but seeing you do it one armed, that is just AWESOME!
  9. I like the M85 too. I hear it is easier to control than the M92 and I have plenty of 5.56 ammo. My only concern is the availabilty of 5.56 mags that fit. Any reviews of the M85 would be appreciated. I have only seen reviews on the M92. They are definately a cheaper way to go if you plan on SBR'ing!
  10. I am interested in putting a mini red dot reflex sight on my Saiga-12. I know everyone recommends the Burris Fastfire as the best choice for such, but has anyone had experience with the Sightmark brand sights, specifically the Sightmark Mini Shot Reflex Sight. GT Distributors here in Austin, TX sells them, and GT's is really good about carrying quality equipment as most of their customers tend to be LE or Military. Has anyone had experience with Sightmark and what are your opinions?
  11. Belly full of catfish and beer!

    1. SaigaKen


      So they CAN swim in beer..... I always wondered!

    2. MCASgt New River
  12. Well, it sounds like I'm gonna stick with the AGP's for now. Thanks for the input.
  13. Any one know if the new Gen2 Promag 10 rounders are any better the the Gen1? I have always liked the feel, look, and larger base plate nipple on the Promags, but have had issues with them being tight at the neck causing feed problems. My AGP's have had no problems feeding, but the base plate nipples have both broke off from droppin them during emergency reloads. Have they improved reliability on the Gen 2, and what is the difference between the Gen2 and Gen1 mags?
  14. If you plan on hunting, a good choke will make a big difference from the standard cylinder bore you have, and you can improve the accuracy and spread of your rounds down range of varying ammo. I would highly recommend a Winchoke adaptor from Cobra over the Polychoke. It gives you a wider range of choke options and runs a little lighter and tighter than the Polychoke from what I have read here on the forums and have seen with mine.
  15. Yeah, Risky that was what I told him and he upgraded his sight immediately with the mods for the Saiga crowd. I put out some KUDOS to you too Panzer for pointing me his way. I just posted my Newswear Chestvest on Ebay and as soon as it sells, I'm buying his rig with the extended flaps!
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