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  1. I remember some folks on this forum ordering and receiving 8 round mags for the Saiga 12 shotguns from a dealer on Britain many years ago when this forum was just takin off. You don't need a permit. I ordered a clamp on front sight for my 12 and .410 from the same dealer and got them. AKATTACK
  2. I'm interested too. Thanks! AKATTACK
  3. I got the OK to post these from the original poster over on Brian Enos website. Thank you going out to "3-Gun Sweden" on that Forum for posting them and then allowing me to post these here. Notice the nice stippling job on the grip also. I hope we get these imported into the U.S. sometime soon! Lots of fun... AKATTACK
  4. I asked permission from the poster over on that forum to repost the pics here. I'll put them up when I get the OK. AKATTACK
  5. The thread is near the top of the "shotgun" forum on that website. I don't know if it's ok to link to it here. Wow, they are really nice looking! Will these be importable?! I don't see why not. AKATTACK
  6. I wouldn't buy a random spring. I'd take what's left of the old one and match it as close as possible. It's only a safety detent spring. You safety may be a tad bit tighter or slightly looser, but it will work with no problem. AKATTACK
  7. Hell, can't be hard to find a replacement. Look at different AR detent springs. Go to your local hardware store and find one then cut it to length. This should be a pretty easy fix... AKATTACK
  8. Picked up my MKA1919 yesterday and really like it but I have some questions about making some modifications. I'm thinking about changing a few things. The stock, the grip and the handguard. Not sure which stock adapter I'm going with. Don't know anyone that has the Firebird adapter instock. I kind of like the looks of Tony's(Tromix) adapter more anyway. I'd like to put a Magpul ACS stock on it, so what would I need to make an AR buffertube/receiver extension fit onto Tony's adapter? Looks like I'd need an ACE Stocks "Hognose" adapter, am I right? Also, how hard is it to mod the receiver to
  9. Got mine home, really like it so far!! Got it from Cheaper Than Dirt, they have the Eksen manufactured shotguns. They guys at the gunstore were really digging it, they had never seen or heard of these shotguns. The owner asked for a range report whenever I could get time to test it. AKATTACK
  10. I pick mine up this afternoon after work! $615 total out the door. Can't wait!!! AKATTACK
  11. I decided to snag one from CTD. Figured my Saiga needed a friend... AKATTACK
  12. Where are they stamped with the armory/factory's name? The upper or lower? AKATTACK

    Uh Oh...

    No big deal to me about missing the sale on the MD drums, Mike will have them on sale again sooner or later. I might buy a ProMag for now. I'm in no hurry and I will buy from Mike sooner or later, as I've heard that he's a good guy to do business with. AKATTACK Just to make sure of any doubts - I wasn't bashing Mike, I was bashing myself for waiting.

    Uh Oh...

    Guess I waited too long, the MD mags are back up to $120 this morning. I'll wait until they are on sale again, I thought this sale went until the end of January. I'm gonna order a ProMag 12 rounder or two in the mean time. AKATTACK
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