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  1. Look over on Brian Enos forums - Euro shooters have just taken delivery of factory 10 round mags, there's some good pictures in the "shotgun" section of the forum.
  2. Over here in the UK there's a split & a lot of the shotgunners have formed their own OPEN series of matches - http://four4islands.org So F**K Ipsc. As far as im concerned we should be promoting new & exciting equipment ,as for banning any chest rigs & extended shotgun box mags thats just playing up to the anti gun crowd , maybe those who are writing the rules at Ipsc should quit shooting & take up bowling or some other tame sport. Im coming over to shoot some gun's in KY next week - thank god you Americans can still enjoy some fun matches ! Any one else be
  3. He's using a CZ built copy of the Wrath from maxrounds.com ............ very expensive here in the UK. The models have adjustable feed necks & work ( some times ! ) in both magwell Saiga 12 & Molot Velper 12's The one's iv tried had no advantage to an MD drum apart from fitting in a magwell.
  4. lady in Germany over on ipsc website has two for sale, hope that helps.
  5. Wanted: for Mossberg 930 Open gun project. tecloader tubes in good condition - any amount . tecloader tube pouch Arredondo speed chute ( tecloader guide) either for Remi 1100 or Benelli M2 ( will be cut to fit 930 ! ) good used J-point or fastfire red dot sight. please pm me if any one can help - delivery to VA. Thanks a lot.
  6. Any one at the Shot Show seen new Saiga 12 stuff ???
  7. PM me if you want an MD drum allready here in the UK.
  8. Vepr 12 mags will not fit any Saiga 12 ( with or with out magwell ) unless your willing to cut them up a bit.However the Vepr will accept Saiga mags designed for the factory magwell not the rock & lock type.
  9. Planet of gun in Germany have Molot's from Euro 1300 comes with 2 mags. Not sure what your local Italian gun laws are like - but here in the UK i have a European gun licence which allows both travel & purchase of certain guns in Europe,although my UK gun licence restricts me to only a limited number of guns in total. e-gun.de is the Euro version of US Gunbroker ,lots of Molots & Saigas usually on there. Friends spas 15 is ok , but with only 6 round mags your limiting your self & if your looking to shoot Ipsc matches you need big mags ! Good luck with your future pu
  10. Yes all our barrels are 24" ( or longer ) not half as neat as the 19's you can have Smack up my knee on day one so limp'd real slow for whole event - but had fun, Ronswin was a great squad member & was one of the few to hit the 90 meter slug targets , i had a hard time even seeing them Hospitality was fantastic & those R&R saigas rock
  11. Two more Saiga 12 members at the Panam :Myself & Ronswin , were post some pictures soon !
  12. I went with the J-point with a nice big 8 moa dot. More money but has so far lasted 2 years of heavy Saiga 12 use& going on strong. The mounting system is the same or similar to the fastfire.
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