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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I have a small picatinny section which I use, perhaps it's not there on your gun? I had to modify it a bit, remove a tiny bit of material for the screw to fit the picatinny but now it's solid. The Magpul couldn't do this. Also, after a few months of being snowed under it's finally starting to melt. I had hoped for the LHC mod to be easy, but the gun wouldn't run. The striker wouldn't hit the primer, was missing some 1/10 of a millimeter I guess. Apparently the bolt was not clean enough which seems to have caused the problem. Ran a Magazine an
  2. Best of luck! Look forward to seeing more nice parts.
  3. In the EU you can get 10 round Magazines without problem. http://www.gprifle.se/?category_id=63 That's like 45 GBP each, much cheaper than Molots 10 round which is more like 3 times (but it's a better Magazine). Overall ergonomics are better on the Akdal, but the Vepr isn't bad.
  4. I have both Fly over to Sweden and you can try before you buy The Akdal is new to me, and fairly new as a model. No big fan over how disassembly has to be done, the Molot is much better on this side. Don't like the Magazines to much either, the Molot mags are better. Happy with both, but my Vepr 12 is "all in" Open and would be my 1st choice if I did it over again.
  5. Thanks. My friend seems happy with it. But it took a few hours to investigate and make it function...
  6. To get a 3D print from a professional company in SLS (Nylon), an AR-15 magazine is around €160. And it's a bit too fragile to use over and over and over. Also the wall thickness close to the "feeder" was too thick, so needs checking. I just did a 3D print, so that's my experience.
  7. No, the lid is more or less just dust protection so it should not affect the structural integrity. I don't think the welding is that difficult - but please bear in mind I didn't see this work being performed. And the bolt has to be able to slide all the way to close the bolt. To the left is now a modified handle. The original to the right is untouched. The shotgun cann't be fired with the stock folded, you're going to get a collision at some place. How's your german? My dealer is based there.
  8. Thanks. I'm not sure I would call it beautiful, but it works. This would probably satisfy your need for such pictures Gives you pre-LHC also. Seems there's a solution to the AR-stock....the sooner the better.
  9. I've been wanting the Left Hand Charge ever since I realised not having it cost me probably 5-10 places at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot (Hungary) last year. I sent my bolt carrier to my dealer (EU) for modífication. The charging handle was welded in place and a nice paint job was applied, it looked like stock and brand new! It set me back about €180 but it was a beautiful job. The dealer was supposed to fix the left side of the "lid" also, but I could never get it off the shotgun without damaging something. So I used a Dremel for the first time, and removed the metal that was i
  10. Left Hand Charge in the works. Also put a FAB PTK far out, very happy with this one but it took a minor modification, better than the Magpul.
  11. I asked my dealer if the russian adapter would work. I'm not going to quote everything he said but: "The quality is extremely poor." So back to square one. Getting very fed up.
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