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  1. Search is your friend. A lot of new to Vepr 12 owners ask about 922r. It's about foreign parts count, and specific parts are named to be counted. This was posted by Sharky a while back in a discussion: Although it seems backwards, you should never go by a count of the US parts. Based on 922r the BATF will not count US parts, only the number of imported parts. Look at the list of 922r countable parts and count how many foreign parts from the list are on your rifle. If 10 or less you are good to go no matter how many US parts are on on it. (a) No person shall assemble a semiautomat
  2. I read the review and bought one because i need one. Don't care what he thinks
  3. If some one wants the lower by itself then I will split them up
  4. I have one brand new MKA 1919 lower, XN version No internal parts. $150
  5. New MKA 1919 XN lower, uncut, no internals. $150 shipped. I will include a Tom Cole choke adapter with a DPH Saiga flash hider for $25 more. PM me on this
  6. I like that the Salem 6's are light and kind of have a classic M4 look to them.
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