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  1. Diggler read here http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=2863
  2. Not quite done yet going to put poly-choke on it as well when money permit
  3. Diggler I measured with ruler and drill the begining and the end of the slot with drill big enough for that and then cut the rest of the slot with dremel tool then file it with flat file , it took awhile to do it . My bbl used to be 22" I cut it down to 18.5". The gun shot fine with magnum round and heavy load but will not cycle with light target load. I going to enlarge the gas holes when I have free time.
  4. I did it myself with knowledge I gain from here.Thanks guys.
  5. THNAK YOU VERY MUCH johnnymceldoo
  6. Hello guys How can I enlarge the Saiga 12 gas port? Thanks USP40
  7. drooling idiot When are you taking order?
  8. USP40,where did you get the buttpad thats on your gun? It looks like the same Bulgarian strap-on AK recoil pad I have in my pics only minus the strap (the strap is easily removed). I got mine from K-Var for $20. Tomac That correct sir.
  9. Cesiumsponge , USMC_LB Sir I spreyed paint it my self with Brownells Aluma-Hyde II OD Green part # 083-002-312 . I've used it before on my MSG90A1 clone and it holding up well Sir. I'm waiting on a Poly-Choke to get here and get installed so I can finish painting the whole gun. Thanks for the compliment . I couldn't do it with you guys everything I learn about the conversion were from you all sir.
  10. not quite done yet but here it is.
  11. Thanks would you share the info when you hear from them?
  12. Thanks Cesiumsponge Do you know if the M16 style rear sight is still available and how much it is?
  13. I have looked at Kreb web site but didn't see any Saiga12 front sight . I saw the rear M16 style sight but no price listed .I sent them e-mail but no reply at all??
  14. Thanks kevinadv I just got one from ebay for $20 about 2 hrs ago.
  15. ACE stock and adapter http://www.aceltdusa.com/ak.htm
  16. kevinadv I also want to install a poly-choke on mine may I ask which poly-choke did you buy? ( the one for Remington , Mossberg ,Win ???) Have you try it out yet? Thanks USP40 I cut mine with hack saw (brand new blade 0 then smooth it a file and it look good.
  17. USP40


    I'm going to take it to my buddy and let him recrown it then I'll refinish it.
  18. USP40


    nvme I cut it with hack saw ( brand new blade) and smooth it out with file didn't look bad at all .I mark it with tubing cutter first . Hoofster Thanks for the info which one should I buy Remington , Winchester ??? Thanks guys USP40
  19. USP40


    I cut my bbl down to 19" and would like to put a Poly-choke on it . Would it fit?? Do you guys know if a gunsmith can thread a Saiga bbl ?? It is a stupid question but I just don't know. I am doing a grip conversion my self it's almost done I'm just waiting on a Picatinny rail , Vertical grip and OD paint. Thanks
  20. Sorry I am a new here. Is it legal to convert Saiga12 to pistol grip now? Thanks
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