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Found 13 results

  1. I purchased a Saiga 308 cheap off a friend of a friend. The guy said he had a problem with it jamming. The gun was kinda beat up so I assumed it was a lack of maintenance. I get it home and the issue appears that some one modified the rear dust cover button and now it doesn't have the buffer on it. It's allowing the bolt to travel to far to the rear causing the bolt to tip up over the rail. Does anyone know where I can buy a new buffer, or if the regular AK drop in buffers will work.
  2. Greetings from Greece, We have a small but dedicated community here however our resources are quite poor on the support department. By necessity we mostly work on our own firearms. I am the proud owner of a .410 Saiga "Combat" (pistol grip, tripod, adjustable sights, scopemount) as they're sold here and i have began encountering a strange issue. I use only original metal Barnaul slugs and original magazines. The gun will load properly from a magazine (closed) but after a couple of shots a shell will be jammed in the position as shown. like being "fed" too high. that will additionaly ca
  3. Hey everyone, big fan of the forum and long time lurker. Of everything I've ever owned, my Saigas have always been my favorite. Currently have a 12 and 7.62x39. Was wondering what you guys think should be my next Saiga? and Why? Is there one that is a must have that I'm missing out on? Thanks so much !!
  4. Hello! I am new to this website, but i saw the wealth of information that everyone provides, so I figured I would ask a question and see if you guys can help! I recently threaded the barrel of my saiga so I could attach a JTac47 muzzlebrake on it. However, when I screwed the brake on, it seemed to be on crooked. The brake is pointing slightly to the ground. I'm wondering how this could have possibly happened, and if there is anything I can do to fix it. It just doesn't seem possible that the threads cooke be angled like that.
  5. I am hopeing someone can give me detailed info on how to attach the dust cover to the rear hinge portion on my chaos titan rail. thanks
  6. So I picked up Motopilot's Micro Galil conversion with the 16.5 barrel and fake suppressor off the classifieds here. I am thinking about going the legal SBR route but I am a little concerned about cutting the barrel to Micro specs of 8 inches. My concern is that the 1 in 10 twist wont stabilize the bullet in 8 inches. Anyone have any experience in this?
  7. Hi all. I am in the middle of a 308 conversion. I got a complete conversion from CSS. Almost everything is done and I am reassembling the FCG. When the rifle is almost complete with the trigger/spring/hammer and retaining plate, during function checks the leg on the right side of the spring moves from the rear of the trigger (where its supposed to be) and falls inside of the trigger group. The spring is the factory one, and the rifle only has one "hook" in the receiver. This causes malfunctions and the trigger will not reset/clear with it falling in there. I know I am installing it rig
  8. My CSS Tri Rail for S12 came in today .. and .. The only hardware provided was a single bolt. From the install fourms that I have searched I have found that other were getting a barrel clamp to help hold this tri rail in place. Anyone who has installed one of these rail systems can you clarify if I did not recieve the correct installing hardware? (I want to confirm or deny this before emailing Greg) Thanks.
  9. so i found a new carrier for my saiga!!!! I hope that it will work correctly. I still have the old carrier and was wondering if there is anyone out there that can weld this better than my gunsmiths "professional" welder. if its not possible to weld this thats fine. I know some people are making short barrels so im willing to sell it if you want it. lemme know what the best thing to do is. Thank you all for your help. p.s the image has the fracture line circled in red. The welder i took it to was supossed to fill and reinforce. I put about 100 rounds at the correct gas setting and
  10. I bought a saiga 12 2 years ago and i have had nothing but bad luck. Honestly it probably has a lot to do with the fact that this is my first gun and I have no idea what im doing when it comes to customizing it. Recently the Bolt carrige sheared at the piston insertion point and my Gumsmith is welding it together. I have been told that this is a bad idea but I dont know what els to do. I can't find a new piston/bolt/carriage anywhere. Im at the point where i just want to say f* it and start over. Any advice. (please be nice im totally new at this). Does anyone know where i can get parts for th
  11. Hi everyone. Newb here so please be patient. The piston that is located at the front end of the bolt carrier has sheared and is missing a piece of metal. Called everyone i know and no one has ever heard of this happening. im assuming it was operator error :/ . Is there a way to get a new bolt and carrier? I dont know very much about guns this was/is my first gun. I want to make this a reliable weapon ,but i feel i am to inexperienced to mess with it. Espically now that its damadged.
  12. My Saiga 12 will function just fine with higher pressure shells (factory loaded buckshot or my own higher pressure hand loads) but will not cycle with factory target loads. They just don’t have enough pressure to cycle the gun no matter where the gas plug setting is set on. I have tried opening the port in the gas plug without it making any difference. My next step is to open the gas port in the barrel to let a little more gas into the gas system. I only see one hole to bleed gas into the gas system from the barrel. Any reason why I shouldn’t do it? I'm thinking maybe a 1/8 drill bit….
  13. Gents, I picked up a coveted 308 Saiga with the 21 inch barrel and wood furniture and it has an odd Russian scope on it tht I am trying to identify and dtermine the magnification. The scop is shiny black with red IR. Here's a pic:
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