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Found 6 results

  1. I'm getting a FTF as seen in the first picture below (happens usually on the first or second shell in the mag). The second picture shows the view from the magwell (hang up area circled). And the thrid picture shows how it looks when the factor 5 round mag is loaded with all 5 shells in it. I have good gassing of ports and mechanics of the bolt operation along with the CSS kit with puk and spring. I also have the md arms 5 setting plug. I could run Federal bulk through this without any issues for the longest time (hundreds of shells). It was until I installed the Tac 47 magwell (which I don't think is the problem itself, as it aligns evenly. The mags sit flush in the well as they did without the extended magwell (meaning the magazine ribs evenly against the bottom of the original gun well. Please read below above the picture descriptions, any ideas on what is causing it and what I could do to possibly fix it? This shows where the shell nose (front) is hanging up at the upper chamber lip/step. This picture depicts what I think may be causing the shells to hang up, but no modifications or filing was done to that are where the lip of the shell sits when chambered. The front of the shell seems to hit there. I'm suspecting the feed angle and/or pressure of the below shells are causing the loading shell to press up just enough and hang. Also, what is that area circled in red exactly called where the shell lip sits against when chambered? This is showing with the factory 5 round mag fully loaded with 2 3/4 shells. Notice it fits within the barrel hood at the upper left of the shell, so it doesn't hang up there as others had issues in the past.
  2. Hey folks. Recently acquired a used saiga 223. Never had a gun of this size or power before so I know nearly nothing about these. I understand how to shoot it as it is a very simple design, which I love. So the first day I took it to the range, I loaded about 5 bullets in the 10rnd factory magazine and it loaded no problem. Fired the first round and it shot awesome. Unfortunately, it jammed on the second round and couldn't ever get it to fire again. It was attempting to feed but would send the round in at a bad angle where it wouldn't go in the barrel. Unfortunately, I didn't have any other mags with me to test to see if the mag was the issue. Is this a known problem? Should I try it with my non-factory mags before getting too concerned? I've heard only good things about these guns so I'm really hoping this was just a weird incident. Thanks!
  3. I was cruising the forums and I found these pictures. All the posters agreed that the best way to fix this is to file down the extractor port in the chamber and break the sharp edge. Before I take a file to my weapon I just wanted to ask what the potential risk to my weapon is? I would rather not turn my Saiga into a paperweight. Also, anyone have any helpful tips for filing this down? Thanks
  4. I've been cruising these forums for a while and they've been a huge help in customizing my saiga. I've managed to open up gas ports, change out parts, modify magazines etc. But now I have two problems I can't seem to find answers for. 1. I have a JT magwell installed, but I still have to rock my magazines a little bit to get them to lock. Not quite sure how to fix that. 2. With Estate shells, I've had several failures to feed. Where a shell was stripped off the magazine but it jammed onto the upper lip of the chamber. Anyone else had similar issues? Thanks.
  5. Hey All, Quick question. My bolt is riding over the top of the round every so often causing a FTF. I polished my bolt and some other parts, but i really don't think I took any material off. It seems to me that it has to be one of three things: 1) I really did take some material off the bolt, and now the bolt doesn't hang down low enough to push the next round into place every time. Could anyone with calipers give me a reading from their own 7.62 bolt, bottom to top? 2) I did take a very very slight bit too much off my mag catch. On my metal mags, they don't move up and down. I have some plastic 30 rounders that can move a little bit up and down, maybe 1/32". 3) I bought 4 plastic 30 round mags, a 20 rnd steel and a 10 rnd steel mag off somebody on Craigslist for $40. Maybe he was selling them cheap because they weren't good mags? I ground the underside of the feed lips on the plastic mags so that the top round on each side would sit a little bit higher. That seems to take care of those. I really wanted to check the bolt dimensions before I started dremeling my metal mags too though. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Hi, Tried out my newly acquired .410 with some Rio 3" #4 ammo. Factory 4 and 10 mags. Wouldn't cycle at all on either gas setting, I ended up cycling each one by hand. Ejects just fine by hand, shells jam on the feed ramp but that's a different issue. The problem seems to be that either the charging force is too high or the pressure isn't being built up enough to force the bolt backward. This is my only Saiga so I don't really have a reference point as to bolt charging force. Should it be really heavy? I plan on putting a scale on it when I get home to measure the force required, maybe someone here could chime in with theirs so I can compare. No jammed springs, gas port is right into the barrel, no obviously broken bits or other stuff that looked out of place when I took it apart over the weekend. Thanks in advance. Jake
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