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Folding stock, mag kit for my 7.62x39 Sporter

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New to the forums.  After not finding any stickies or good search results, asking questions here.

Question #1 - Are there any good folding stocks for my sporter?  (That's all I want to swap out.)

Question #2 - Are there kits to convert so I can use regular AK mags?  All I have are 10-rd Saigas.

Question #3 - Are there any issues swapping out just the stock and mag kit?


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Sorry you haven't gotten the responses you deserve.  I remember trying to learn myself.  It's been so long for me that I don't even remember the terminology anymore.   Look up  the 922 R Rule I think it is.  You have to add 5 American parts I think it is, to make it a legal extended mag capable?  Hell, the law may have changed and not be required anymore.  It's not as hard as you think.  See if Dinzag is still around to order parts.  Even the Mag is considered one part, so, thats and easy start.  You'll need a trunion or ramp to feed the extended mag and that's the trickiest part, but not that bad.  You just have to tap one screw, but if you mess up, you'll ruin your gun, lmao   I hope this is a little help to get you at least google or searching the right search words?

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