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  1. Sorry you haven't gotten the responses you deserve. I remember trying to learn myself. It's been so long for me that I don't even remember the terminology anymore. Look up the 922 R Rule I think it is. You have to add 5 American parts I think it is, to make it a legal extended mag capable? Hell, the law may have changed and not be required anymore. It's not as hard as you think. See if Dinzag is still around to order parts. Even the Mag is considered one part, so, thats and easy start. You'll need a trunion or ramp to feed the extended mag and that's the trickiest part, but not that
  2. Sound like an interesting guy John. Good luck with your tinkering
  3. It's funny how with the time some people make comments not answering the OP question, they could have answered it. Me, I would convert it, as it can always be converted back and I think it would be worth even more converted, but, I'm no expert on the subject, that's just my opinion. EDITED: Of course, when I say converted, I mean to make 922R Compliant, not converting that 2nd "Y" that was mentioned, of which I don't have, but wish I did, for cosmetics sakes
  4. Sorry, I was AWOL for a few days; had a huge warm front, so been on the Range and riding the Motorcycle. I hear what you all are saying and I will do that in the next few days. I'm sure I'm going to need a good, new, bit, so will have to run out and get that first. Or, I may try the one I put the bullet guide in with; it is all I have used that bit for; will have to compare sizes. I had another idea too, before you all talked me into putting the dimple in. I was going to put a back-up C-Clamp behind the other one, but, that would look a little silly to those that's knows what it's supposed
  5. Thanks, I will consider that. I'm not sure I feel comfortable drilling into my barrel
  6. Hello, I got the Galil Furniture for my Saiga last year that has the Folding Stock and Galil ForeGrip and when I installed it, I thought the Clamp Bolt that holds the ForeGrip on was kind of Cheapy, but I put it on anyways. It all looked good and I tighted it as tight as I could without Stripping-out the Hex Nut that come on it. Anyways, when I took it too the Range, the damn thing slid off of the grip and rendered it useless. I didn't want to put it back on because I don't trust it anymore and can't take chances if my Life is on the line with it, so I put the Original back on. Now, I want
  7. Looks great! Gosh, I just love AK's, I think they are a work of art.
  8. That is what I did; I got a Mil-Surp Mag to file that Mag Catch to fit, and I have yet to find another Mil-Surp mag that doesn't fit great now. However, I always need to file a hair off of the Tapco Mags, which is fine and easy to do and they work great. To all the people that kept saying get a dremel too, my hats off to you!
  9. How will they know you converted it? It is still a good idea; I'm glad I saved all my parts, just because I'm a hoarder when it comes to gun parts, lol I agree, if you're gonna do it, do it all
  10. Hello, I'm new to scopes, so I'm a dumbass when it comes to anything about them, but I got a 4x28 Red Dot Scope for my Saiga 7.62. One dumbass question is why do you need to get rings when it will mount straight to the piccatinni rail; is it so you can see the iron thru it? Also, I see the UTG Pro at Carolina and it looks good, but what about a belarus BP-02 which looks the same but is half the price? I do buy a lot of things from Carolina and dinzag, so it's not like I'm diss'ing them.
  11. I think it was here that I read that Breaking Bad was the best show on TV, so I started watching the new Season, of which there were only 2 shows that I saw. I had the show set-up in my old DVR as Series Recording and I haven't been able to find it again with my new DVR. I have since watch all of the other seasons on Netflix. What happened to the new Series for this year? When is it coming back on? I went to A&E website to try to figure it out, but haven't been able to determine. Does anybody know what's going on? Did they not get enough viewership and cancel or what?
  12. This is true, but, I have an intimate relationship with my rifle because I did it myself, and I learned a lot, which is worth much more than the 200 extra bucks. Plus, I know my work was good; don't know who the hell did the mod on the mod'ed ones.
  13. Okay, we are all guilty of our stupid two-cents worth; lets start posting some software we can use. I will on my next post, lol
  14. I have done almost all of the Mods that can be done. I have shot and cleaned my Rifle I don't know how many times, and putting the Dust Cover back on has always been the hardest part for me, LOL. Sometimes, it goes right on, but there is a little trick to it, I just hadn't figured it out, lol.
  15. You used the wrong Paint. Like Jetmech says.( DUPLICOLOR 1634) Hi Temp Engine Paint. This was what I was going to say, I couldn't tell the difference between this paint and the factory paint.
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