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  1. Well I guess that answers it. No one cares anymore. Thanks Greg. I just didn't want to mess up a collector piece with my conversion. Tony
  2. Everything I find is old talk of them. There was interest in them in '08 to '10. I'm just wondering if any still cares about it or if everyone has moved on to something else. No one seems to talk about it anymore.
  3. I have a question. Do the Y-stamped Saigas still have a higher value than a regular one? I recently purchased one to do a conversion on but I wouldn't want to ruin any collector value. Thanks,
  4. Doesn't a muzzle brake/flash hider count as 1 part?
  5. Sweet!!! Good looking piece. I will be looking these when I get around to my next build. Am I too late for the contest?
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