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just wanted to let every one know

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well actually just wanted to brag :haha: , made my very first firearm purchase as of 4:55pm yesterday, and it was a brand new

saiga 12 iz-109, and ive already been through 250 rounds :killer::killer: !! havent been on the forum in a while so this may be old news but seems the saiga 12s are back in vendors stock, my local gun shop had mine on reservation for two months, got a call last week from them saying three of there vendors had called them all on the same day saying there back in stock!!!!!! so no more tears on the forum about finding them...... will update pics of this one and another one thats haveing all the bells and whistles :dollar::dollar::dollar: installed later on

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saiga 12 was not the first firearm i thought of purchasing, it was actually a two year ordeal, to make up my mind, on what i actually wanted. finally decided a shotgun was the best compromise out of all choices, and went researching what the best value/function/reliable/semi-auto shotguns that were on the market. of all possible places, wikipedia came up in my search for semi-auto shotguns with some links, not sure if saiga main page was one of them, but within 10 min of stumbling across some pistol grip pics, and the wealth of info and generosity on this forum it was only a matter of finding one

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