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Norinco SAS-12 Magazine Fed 12 Gauge (pic)

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Simple to mod out the SPS-12 but I had a hell of a time finding Chinese tooling die/taps. The quad rail is from a g3, the charging handle was knocked out on the Bridgeport as well as the piccatinny (the speed bead is not installed yet) the knox was from an 870 - a little machining required, but its probable that it will need to be pinned in one position - I got about 300 in it (gun was bought at 100) without the sight and light. The retail on these has shot up significantly and they are now running at about 400-600, the big loss for this platform is mag's are unattainable, would have loved to see some highcaps produced for this. - hoping to find a parts gun somewhere to stamp and SBS for fun.


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I just ordered one of these SAS-12 shotguns, along with a DDI-12, from Centerfire Systems for $139.99!!!



The DDI-12 is $439.99!!!


I am picking up the SAS-12 early next week but I got the DDI-12 yesterday and it is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! A Saiga-12 CLONE for UNDER $475!!!




Centerfire Systems will be getting 5-round mags for the SAS-12 very soon. I can't wait to get it but I hear that they are covered in cosmoline, which is a good thing. FYI, this one has a 24" ventilated rib barrel. I will post a pic of it after I get it and clean it up.



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She is here!




Spent a couple hours on it today giving it a thorough cleaning and now it is ready for this weekend! Pics and video to follow.




I went in for one myself as well.


Course in the process of taking off the pounds of cosmoline, pretty sure I took the "paint" off the barrel.


I'm sure Alumahyde will substitute nicely

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