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U.S. State Dept. Selling Heavy Weapons To Zetas Drug Cartel

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Don't they know they'd make a lot more money selling those toys out to civilians here?

They'll make even more once they control every aspect of your life. And thats really what this is all about: revocatation of our 2nd amdment. The one that assures us the right to ultimately govern ourselves.

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i thought everyone knew the US government allowed sale of weapons to inner city police departments.


seriously though, the officials involved should be thrown in jail

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Even worse than Iran/Contra Elvis. I mean what possible reason would there be to equip the Zetas with heavy weapons other than to continue to destabilize the Govt. of Mexico and keep the pipeline open for illegal drugs into this country?


I guess Obamba and his hood rat crew want to keep the purest coke possible flowing straight to them while they keep counting their cut of the drug money too eh?


I know I feel a lot safer with him promising new anti-gun regulations at home while the Zetas get 20mm anti aircraft guns to patrol along our border with...

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Ya , my buddy from tx says zetas are like the taliban/hitler/milosevic/hussein of mexico. We are talking about village raizing, brutal rusty dull knive beheadings, and mass graves. I mean, why the F! Is the point??? Couldn't the CIA just embezzle some of the mass amounts of wasted taxpayer dollars to fund their ops? Or can a lowly citizen miss the greater picture, ala B.HO talking about closing gitmo, then when you aget in the office you get privvy to all the shat goin down and you go, WHoA! This is tougher than it sounds when ya are campaigning and blowing a lottat hot air around, thus, Change change change turned into biz as usual. I didn't vote BO, I just can sorta sympathize with what he is dealin with....

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