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Review/Comparison of VLTOR & CAA, M4 Style Collapsible Stock/Tube

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Greetings Saiga enthusiasts,

I'm doing a review and comparison of two of the more popular aluminum M4 style collapsible stock/tube adapters available for our Saiga rifles & shotguns, the CAA & VLTOR AK tubes.

Both of these fine products are available online at one of Saiga12.com's premiere Business Members, Carolina Shooters Supply.


CAA, commercial size tube


VLTOR, MilSpec size tube




Neither of these tubes require modification to the Saiga's receiver, i.e. they do not require the receiver's tang to be removed, they are bolt on accessories.

Both are very well made of aluminum, easy to install, mount solidly to the Saiga rifles/shotguns and are designed to fit most stamped AKM receivers.

They both mount in-line with the barrel, this helps many shooters with a perceived reduction in recoil and muzzle rise.



The CAA is commercial sized tube, 1.17" diameter, will accept Commercial sized stocks*.

*The CAA will not fit MilSpec sized stocks, do not attempt to force any MilSpec onto a Commercial sized tube.

It has a mounted length of 6.875", an approx weight of 8 ounces.


The VLTOR is a MilSpec sized tube, 1.15" diameter, will accept MilSpec and Commercial sized stocks, though Commercial sizes will be loose and rattle.

It has a 7.375" mounted length, an approx weight of 9 ounces.






Installation of these tubes is very easy--they mount via the two top tang screws.

The factory third screw position is not needed, as they are rock solid as mounted.



1) Unload firearm.

2) Field strip: Remove dustcover, recoil assembly and bolt/bolt carrier.

3 ) Remove the factory buttstock's two screws in the tang, and the screw from the bottom of the receiver.

4) Remove factory buttstock--a rubber mallet may be useful in knocking it rearward and out.

5) Insert tube into receiver and mount using the supplied hardware.


*The VLTOR tube comes with several U shaped pieces of polymer, which fill in the back of the receiver.

I found that the piece labeled, 4A, is the best fit for both Saiga rifle and shotgun receivers.


*When mounting the CAA in receivers using some aftermarket trigger guards, some button head screws may necessitate removing some material from the front/bottom of the CAA tube for clearance.











They both fill in the back of the receiver and leave it looking clean.

The VLTOR does the job better in my opinion, with two very small gaps on either side of the tang.

The CAA leaves two fairly large gaps, open from the tang to the receiver's side wall.

First pic is VLTOR, second is CAA.





Both are five (5) position collapsible tubes.






Both also offer sling attachment points.

The VLTOR has two quick detachable mounts.

The CAA has two snap clip mounts.




Both tubes offer watertight storage in the rear of the tube--the CAA has a rubber plug and the VLTOR has a screw-in aluminum plug.

CAA on left and the VLTOR on right.





If I had to buy another AK adapter tube, I'd buy the VLTOR as it is Milspec and can accept either Milspec or Commercial Stocks.

It also has a cleaner mounted appearance, with only two very small gaps around the tang.

The VLTOR also has the five (5) positions laser etched atop the tube, allowing quick extension to your favorite LoP.

I prefer it's QD sling mounts to the CAA's snap-clip mounts, and, even though I don't use it, the storage is much easier to access on the VLTOR.


That said, I'm extremely pleased with both products, and would recommend both to anyone.


Thanks for taking the time to read my review/comparison. I hope this helps others make an informed decision during their next purchase.

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I know this is old, so apologies up front. I just wanted to say this review is EXACTLY what I wanted to see for both of these products. I need to replace a commercial size Tapco T6 on one gun and I have a milspec stock I can use for another. I have been looking hard at these products and other options for some time. This sealed the deal for me and I am going to get both products with confidence I didn't have before. Thanks!!

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