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  1. I said this months ago, but when I first fired my 030 I found it to have much more perceived recoil than my worked over iz-109. I prefer the adjustable gas system. It only took 5 3" magnum rounds in the 030 before I didn't have a desire to shoot them anymore.
  2. That looks like a "C" model. I though the K version had a different handguard.
  3. Can't wait to see how that puppy comes out! I'm on the Tromix 2012 build list and I'm sending them my 030. Should be bad.
  4. Everyone just needs to relax. When I bought my 030 it was right at $1200. A couple months later, suprise suprise $999. This economy wont support $1000+ esoteric Russian shotguns after the initial wave of buyers.
  5. It really amazes me the lack of experience on these 030s given how long they've been available now. I had one of the first ones back in Feb/March and put many rounds thru it without a single hitch. BUT, that's at standard import barrel length. What I do know is that although I never experienced a failure with the cheap wally birdshot it seemed to run "on the edge" with these rounds. So it doesn't surprise me the gun isn't 100% reliable when you chop the barrel down and reduce gas pressure. BTW, beautiful shotgun OP. Mario does fantasic work. And he's a good guy too.
  6. I filed my Molot 8 round mag to fit the Izzy magwell on my 109 a while back. Just inser the mag with the BCG out of the receiver and you will see what area you need to file. It's no big deal, just go slow and check the fit often.
  7. I'll revise my statement: the VEPR and 030 mags are interchangeable in the Saiga 12 030. The mags are not identical however.
  8. Selling all this stuff as I'm moving and no longer have any non-magwell S12s. 1st - Tromix vertical charging handle and ACE folding mechanism. These 2 come as a package. The ACE is a little rugged, but works as intended. It does have a tad of up and down plan when locked but from what I've read this is "normal" for ACE. $40 shipped USPS. I don't know where the swivel is anymore. 2nd- MD20 drum in perfect condition. Only change is internal spring set to 2.5 rotations from stock 3, promotes easier loadind. Can easily be set back to 3 turns. $85 shipped USPS. Thanks
  9. The market will bear more in my opinion. I sold my 3 for 150 each, and looking back I'm sure I could have got 175 each
  10. I sold mine for $150 a piece recently, both of my S12s have magwells now As far as them not being worth that, it's up to the individual. To me, they're worth the asking price. For the most part, American made mags make me cringe. I like authenticity.
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