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My MUTT Project Complete

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I finished my Mutt.


There's alot of nice looking 223's in this section, but not to many that I would call truely decked out different.


I don't know what started this project but I felt the need to build and wanted something a little twisted, a little freeky. Tastefull, yet different. Kyber pass looking, but not crude looking.


The only thing I had in 223 was my Daewoo K2 so that caliber played on me. I found parts that were just cool looking and ideas started flowing. My mind changed several time throughout the process and always ended up with me placing another order for different parts. 3 - slings, 3 - rear sights, 3 - scopes, 2 - stocks, 2 - handguards, 2 - pistol grips, on and on and on. Evidence of the sickness.


For your viewing pleasure;








OK here's the break down;


Saiga 223 with a standard trigger conversion with a G2 trigger group.


I cut an 1/8 inch or so off the bolt hold open lever. More for looks than anything.


Welded all the extra holes up and got rid of the velcro import patch.


Bullet guide installed and running Galil steel 35 round mags. Got 9.... 8 for the LBV and one in the gun, plus the factory 10 rounder.


For the first time ever, I reused a trigger guard. Spun it around, cut and welded it to the mag catch.


I wanted a gas block/front sight combo with 24 mm threads. I picked up a Bulgarian AK-105 series style and with a little work....giggle... made it fit.


I shortened the gas system just over an inch by installing a US made gas piston for an AMD-65.


That gave me the set point for the gas block. I plugged and welded over the factory gas port in the barrel and redrilled a new hole. First with a 1/16 th inch then knocked it up to .076 with a #48 drill bit.


I used a fake Russian PBS-1 silencer to hide the extra 5 inches or so of barrel i now had in front of the combo.


I cut down and swagged out the end on a Romanian gas tube to fit the gas block and installed a US made upper handguard.


The lower handguard is off a Polish Beryl Variant A, and held in place with a Bulgarian 74 retainer.


Why I added the cut down cleaning rod??? Hell if I know. Show and tell I guess. I went this far... Why not.


I de-assed the side scope rail durning the conversion. I also removed the rear leaf sight and spring. I filled in the opening with a custom cut and bent up piece of Stainless Steel.


I bought a scope rail for a Polish Mini Beryl. I had to do some cutting on the rail to clear the gas tube release lever and cut some mounting slots in the rear sight base to fit it. I swapped out the locking allens set screws with allen bolts, so it's only one allen wrench to take it off/on.


I topped that off with a Russian PK-01V. It came on a side mount, so I dug through the scope parts and came up with a heavy duty low profile 30mm that fit like it was made for it.


Installed a Tromix Charging handle knob. I was gonna do a oversized rotating charging knob off a Benelli shotgun, but I stopped myself. Looks are about the same.


I went with a Arsenal SAW pistol grip. I bought a US made one, but it's a little smaller than the Arsenal.


Sporting a US made polymer, fixed triangle stock with paracord wrapping and a custom made sling swivel. I know, I know, but this is New York. I'd hate to buy a metal folder and make it not fold. Plus, I needed the parts count.


The top cover is a unmarked unissued Romanian ribbed that fits really F'n tight.


The rear iron sight is off a M249 light machine gun. I've done G3's, the AR A2 looked OK but small. It's adjustable for windage and elevation which is cool. To boot.... I've never seen one on an AK. LOL


The mounting bracket for it I made from a old Romanian rear receiver stub from the parts kits days. I just cut it down to fit and welded it to the top cover. I did grid down the rear most rib on the cover to keep things low as possible.


The sight is just as wide as the receiver minus the adjustment knobs.


Sight radius is 18 inches from rear to front.


The finish is DuraCoat. Tan with a touch of Green added, Black and OD Green/Brown mix to match the sling. I went through 4 or 5 different ideas on the schemes and colors, 3 stencils for camo patterns and after alot of playing/thinking, I settled with a 3 tone paint job with just the Izhmash arsenal triangle.


The sling I went with is a TMC Sport, that went under the knife and sewing machine. Nothing grand, it's 2" wide and it works. Has a little accessory pouch that locks on with velcro.


After all the problems, finding parts, waiting for parts, fitting parts, even a few in the painting of parts, It was worth it.


It's a Mutt, but it's a twisted, freaky, one of a kind Saiga 223, that's all mine. smile.png


Hope you enjoyed.

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Well, I couldn't stand the look, it reminded me of an AIRSOFT AK. To mellow, not enough contrast. Sharp angles, straight lines, things need to blend.

Instead of some wild eyed camo paint job, I fell back on the old stand by, Woodland. Not whole heartedly, but a touch of familiarity.

It still retains a greenish tint, I even added green to the brown paint for a slight off color.

More better;




Swapped out the sling also... From high speed tacool to a plain jane Bulgarian OD Green AK sling.

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Nailbomb and myself took a few toys out back, stress relief, make noise.

Other than one mag it doesn't like full time, it rocks.

What a brass chucker this thing is, throwing them @ 20' and @ 6' behind.

I picked up one of the spent casings and was suprised...... No dent.

Jake and I both figured it dont ding all of them till I gathered up a handfull.

No dents in any of them. Tipical scratchs from feeding from the mags, but no marks or dents.

I was shooting Federal brass, Winchester brass, Wolf and Tula steel.


The PK sitting high on the Beryl rail was easy to get use to and not totally uncomfortable either.

The fake can makes for a different muzzle flash. LOL

I'm happy with this one.

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I love your "MUTT" concept. I have a few questions which would help me greatly with my project.

What was the accuracy like with your new rear sight setup? Which the red ot scope?

Where did you get that sight?

I assume you no longer use the orignal side rail?

Thanks for creating such an awesome firearm.

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