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Unchoked Saiga 12 as a pig gun

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Hey fellow shooters,

I am thinking about taking my RJF 12CG into the woods and trying to hunt hogs with it inside 30 yards or so from a stand overlooking a feeder (at night). This is an 18" barreled conversion with a muzzle brake but no internal threading so no chokes. Has anyone tried hunting with an unchoked Saiga 12? If so, what was your load (slugs? buckshot?), distance from the game and your thoughts on how suitable the weapon is for this purpose?


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actually, your coast guard model has an OAL barrel of 18.25", its chopped with the breacher welded in place, for that model, if i recall....


for slugs, I would suggest you try the 2 3/4" remington "domed" sluggers. my personal s-12 seemed to like those the best, out of everything else.


they should print a group at 30 yards, with care, about 2-3" or so.


I wouldnt load buckshot for a hog hunt., but if you do, i would suggest only higher grade 3" 15 pellet buckshot loads, and only if i was planning a close in stalk type of hunt, in heavy brush or something like that. you really should use a choke with any shot for large or dangerous game like that, for anything beyond 20 feet or so

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Ben, thanks for the detailed response. You are correct about the CG model.


It's good to hear that the Slugger rounds will work to 30 yards without the choke. I tried them at 100 yards but never got on paper. Will try again closer to where point of impact ends up versus point of aim. The gun came with HK sights and maybe that would work for 30 yards and in but I went ahead and ordered a side scope mount for red dot or maybe a shorty 4x scope.


Thanks again for your feedback.

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