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Variety of parts/stuff for sale.... take a look.... MI, AK100, etc.

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Please, no chit-chat, no "email sent", no "offer sent", no "IM sent", and no "free bumps". Let's keep it tight. If you are not committing to buy something or have not worked out a deal with me via email or IM, please do not post.


Questions via email or IM


Please note that shipping will be a bit slower on some of the items less than $20 unless I am already going to be near a post office or FedEx, or have other higher value items to ship out. My vehicle loves to stop at gas pumps, please understand.



Very discreet Paypal +3% or USPS MO accepted


I would love to do some trading

(+/- cash, if need be and I have it at the moment, lol) if you have....


9mm AR15 complete upper

9mm AR15 barrel

9mm AR15 bolt

AR15 mags

AK47 mags

AK74 mags

S&W M&P15-22 25 round mags

Glock G17 or G22 mags

Saiga 12 mags

MAGPUL Carbine length MOE handguard


.... and I need some small AR parts

2- trigger

2- hammer

2- disconnector

1- hammer spring

1- trigger spring

1- selector spring

1- buffer detent spring

1- castle nut

1- milspec buffer tube

1- carbine buffer

1- buffer spring

1- bolt catch spring

1- mag release spring








1- $175 shipped Romanian AK parts (7.62 x 39)

Matching numbered bolt carrier, bolt, gas tube, and recoil assembly

Receiver cover


Side optic rail



2- $150 shipped Midwest Industries Extended Smooth AK handguard SPF to bushmaster06

Has been mounted on weapon, but is in excellent condition. Comes with rails and all necessary allen wrenches.



3- $155 shipped Midwest Industries Extended Smooth AK handguard

Lower has been mounted on weapon, but upper has not. In box with rails, Loctite, and all necessary wrenches.



4- $40 shipped each new RUSSIAN AK100 front latches, full kit.... latch, pin, and spring



5- $10 shipped each new AK100 folder latch springs



6- $15 shipped AK pistol sling plate sold/shipped to Corbin

Used but great condition.



7- $25 each 2 1 TAPCO Warsaw length AK stocks, Black 1 sold/shipped to silverphoenix

Taken off of new weapons. Excellent condition.



8- $16 shipped Hogue AK grip w/screw sold/shipped to Makaveli913

Very good condition, but shows minor wear



9- $15 shipped Flat Bullet guide for 7.62x39 sold to scoutjoe



10- $25 shipped RUSSIAN 0/0 Choke for Saiga 12 (shows wear)

$10 shipped each 4 3 2 RUSSIAN factory thread protector for Saiga 12 1 sold/shipped to Chile Relleno, 1 SPF to Heavy D

$5 shipped plastic Russian factory thread protector for Saiga 12



11- $15 shipped Sling lugs and loops



12- $5 shipped Saiga rifle sling loop



13- $5 shipped for all AK sling loops (Chinese? Romain?)



14- $5 shipped each Saiga selector stop plates and trigger guards

Two are Saiga 12 and the middle one may be .410, but I can't remember.



15- $5 shipped each Saiga 12 selector stop plates



16- $5 shipped trimmed selector stop plate w/screw and nut

Will work for a conversion where original trigger guard is used. Ready to mount and use.



17- $3 shipped Chinese front sight post



18- $8 shipped Pic rail

Works perfectly for using with factory handguard screw on factory handguard of Saiga 12. Great for a forward mounted grip, light, or laser.



19- MAGPUL rifle length MOE handguard Black

Has been mounted, but is like new and comes in wrap and box

$45 shipped or trade for carbine length black MO handguard (no PTS please)


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I will take one (1) S12, factory, metal thread protector, please & thank you.


Payment via PayPal.

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I will take one (1) S12, factory, metal thread protector, please & thank you.


Payment via PayPal.

I'll take one of these as well. Please PM me payment info. Thanks.

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