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Muzzle threads and brakes question

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Hello and thanks for any feedback that can be givin. My vepr did not have a threaded barrel and I purchased a Manticore ak74 nite brake that I want to attach. I was planning on having a gunsmith thread the barrel for me anyways but the nite brake is in 24mm and my barrel is much smaller I assume would be 14mm. I looked on kvar at front sight posts with 24mm threads should I go that route or would it be best to have the barrel threaded 14mm and get an adapter to 24mm?

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Thanks cap, ill go ahead and do that. Guess ill just have to use a crush washer to keep it on. Sure wish I had the plunger pin to keep it on tho but I guess it be silly to have the barrel turned down just to have a front sight post with a plunger pin put on :)

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I've been wanting to ask the same thing. If I wanted to use a washer, what size washer should I use on a standard 7.62x39 saiga? Would a Jam nut be better? I have a muzzle break I'd like to install, but I'd also like the option to remove it and thread on a suppressor. Would either of these options make it easier, or am I better off just using a thread protector instead of a brake?

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