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First Official WPA Branded Vepr Shotguns

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Just a little heads up. The first official WPA branded Vepr products started shipping yesterday to our distributors. So the Vepr 12's are the first of many different firearms starting to ship. The Vepr rifles will be next and should start shipping in a week or two.

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Wolf Performance Arms, the Vepr's will now be imported and distributed at a wholesale level by WPA instead for TGI (Tennessee Gun Imports) which most if not all of the newer Vepr's to date have been, notice the TGI on your Vepr 12.

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Will there be an difference in vepr rifles coming in, specifically a reduction in sporterization (for lack of a better word) features like we saw in the more recent vepr 12's? I'm specifically interested in information on the vepr 308.

Unless I am missing something the price has changed considerably. Between $1000 (7.62x39)-$1400 (7.62x54r/.308) for the VEPR line. Weren't these around $800 for the last batch?

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Can you guys please post some pictures of the new things... especially those new Vepr rifles when you get them (the poly stock and the new "premium" wood)?

And any comment on pricing...been hearing crappy news of increased pricing.



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