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  1. Anyone get their drum to work with their flared competition magwell? I tried mine last night and it didn't lock in. I may revert mine back to factory to make sure it's just the magwell that's not letting the drum seat completely.
  2. I apologize for the delay of 6 months in posting this, but here's my buddy's VEPR 12 SBS (chop and thread done by Radical Firearms):
  3. I've been running low brass with no problems (of course I did swap the trigger because the factory one was unreliable for me and I also polished the bolt face and the hammer), just stay within these ammo specs: http://doitdarith.com/temp/vepr12/wolfammo12gaugevepr12.html
  4. Is the ETA still late September/early October? I feel like a little kid during Christmas...
  5. This has been covered before but use the small punch tool that came with your VEPR 12 or a punch to knock-screw it in at angle. Another alternative is that they make a screwdriver with a coil bendable neck that accepts different bits.
  6. I've actually been running the Saiga 12 recoil spring in my VEPR 12 since it's lighter with success. I would love to have a spare operating rod for parts in case anything ever happens though.
  7. You must learn to use this functionality especially for range shooting, clay shooting, trap/skeet. It's the rule that you must have your action-open when carrying your firearm as a safety precaution for range officers and employees to verify and affirm safety rules or else you will be asked to check your action. The Saiga 12 has the same BHO function available, but the Saiga 12's BHO button is located where the bolt-release button is on the VEPR 12.
  8. Can you provide a link of the reports on the op-rod breaking? Good thing I have a lifetime warranty on mine and the other one I got for my buddy...
  9. The Molot GK-01 version is a real winner. What's the length on the GK-01 perm'd barrel including the muzzle brake?
  10. Do not touch the mag. You will need to only remove the extended mag release, file it down (it's easier just to run it back and forth on the file itself than to run the file over it) to match the length of the factory mag release tab (do not over file it), and then re-install the mag release.
  11. Good news is that it's waaaay easier to install the original mag catch release tab when compared to the extended. I do miss the feeling of the original tab mag release though because you can grab it as you release with the same hand. And yes, extended is good for competition use, BUT after much practice with the extended you will get use to mag changes with it. I would keep it and practice with it for a month. If you don't like it, you can easily swap it out with the original one. Don't waste your time sending it back, your baby is already in your hands. I'm actually in Houston, TX (height
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