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Russia's Adoption of Ratnik Gear & AK12 Rifle

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Lots of troops to supply shit to. It will take a while and is long over due.


Looks good!


Kinda sucks our commie in command is cutting our military and Russia is building theirs up, along with China. At least our deer hunters alone could take out any standing army.

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And have better camo too. I used to live near the training center used for a lot of the desert training. I played a lot of paintball, and I can say first hand the guys who wore the army desert storm desert camo were easier to spot in the sage brush and dirt than people wearing street clothes a lot of the time. The best camo for that area I found was a $3 long sleeve Tshirt from walmart with some knock off camo pattern that was supposed to be for something like Apalachan squirrel hunting. It was tan and grey with a pattern like sticks and tree bark. 


The good news is our country may soon be too broke to get in conflicts and revert to the Monroe doctrine simply for budgetary reasons.

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I think Russia will go for the AK-12. It's definitely a major step up, and not horribly more expensive to produce. Fully railed, 3-shot burst, ambidextrous controls, and more. They will arguably have the finest infantry rifle on the planet if they do.

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It's a fine rifle, but the only reason they would refit would be to make jobs. They have way more '74 variants on hand than they could possibly have soldiers, and they do the job. All they really need is modern optics on them and that's a lot cheaper than a new gun and a new optic.

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At least their unifrorms work better than the US Army's ACU which makes the soldiers stand out in most environments.

The US Army already announced they are adopting Multicam as everyone deployed is wearing and it works. That pattern was considered before Army Universal Camouflage was chosen but rejected because Crye Precision developed and patented it and they didn't want to pay extra to use it. Russian SOF guys are already using Multicam.

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