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When I'm not shooting steel, I pick up the launched, unbroken clays on the way to the back of the range where I shoot.  Never any shortage of them and never any cleanup.  We always get several shots out of each clay as we end up shooting the shards.  


That said, I leave my steel and re-bar stands at the range.  Too much of a pain for me to take back and forth.  I like your can and dowel idea.  I will also try the 2L spray foam.


I've seen people using a shepards hook that you use to hang plants for steel and other hanging targets. 

Clay shards are great!  Depending on the landscape of your outdoor arena you can set them up on hills, discarded palettes etc.  If you know anyone (or work at a place yourself) in a retail store that does frequent merchandise changes you can collect long boxes.  Drugstores usually have lots of makeup display stands made of plastic.  The tall boxes are great with a can of spray paint (zombie art, hurrah!), but I suppose either option requires a little space for transport. 

PVC pipe frames/hanging targets are easily constructed.  Just...don't use 'em with shotguns.  ^_^

There are small steel targets that pack easily into a back seat or trunk.  Steel seems to be the most practical and satisfying for long-term use, just make sure you get one that's rated to handle what you're dishing out.  ^_^

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I tie paracord around the necks of two liter bottles.  I cut a flap in the back of the bottle, as high as I can, and pack in as many old news papers as will fit.  I will tie a couple knots in the other end of the paracord and staple them up, hanging from something.  

Bang, swinging target out of junk.  They last until they fall apart.

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