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Cheap Greek Milsurp... But...

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CTD uses a marketing software that MAXIMIZES profits by tracking sales and increasing prices as demand goes up.

It also lowers prices when demand drops.


It takes advantage of what the market will bear and what people will pay at any given time.


its a perfect way to track a frenzy buying spree 

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I just thought I'd throw it out there, it is relatively inexpensive.

CTD continues to lose my business.

1) CTD's reputation as gougers continues to stick
2) Non-Returnable/No Guarantee, no matter how trashy it might/might not be.
3) Linked ammo, slight PITA to delink.

I added 500 of Prvi Partizan Blue Box, 308win 145gr FMJ, to my SGAmmo order for only $0.57 per round.
I 'know' it is quality ammo.

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I just hate buying ammo at 50 cents a round for anything..... Augh... I miss the old days.


Aint that the truth.


Ah well, dont like Walmart or Home Depot but if I can save a goodly amount buying there of course I do.

Same for CTD, math is math.

The entire firearms industry is full of low lifes, keep as much money in your pocket as you can and dont be stupid enough to have to panic buy.

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While those prices during the "scare" were high, anyone who paid those prices was "foolish". But some people did pay those prices, or CTD would have sold none. In my only dealing with them, I paid $7.95 for 30 rd UZI mags, & they offered me $5 shipping for package of 7 mags. It's sad when people come to our table at the gun show wanting to sell a rife they bought during the "scare". We have to base the value on what these guns cost today, & not what they paid then. They take a huge hit, but are desperate for the cash to pay bills, etc. From personal experience, the cost to the LGS never rose a dime during the scare, & all that extra money into the selling price went into the LGS owner's pockets. However, a few LGS did not raise prices in the hope that when prices came down, people would remember who the profiteers were. Obviously, all you guys remember CTD.  GARY

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If some didnt raise prices on existing stock or raise them higher than replacement (not assured at the time remember) then likely they did a fairly brisk business compared to those that did, in short a business decision clearly and possibly a character decision I cant read minds so there is that.

Many sellers just stopped offering certain items to avoid getting blasted for scalping or losing money on inventory that could not be replaced at the time.


That said I cant remember buying from CTD since Tula 308 was under 30 cents a round and even then I had to be careful not to fall into that shipping trap they set up. CTD just aint a good deal.


Save the rancor for .gov that truly deserves it.

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Just a reminder....









I better order some quick before they are sold out!!!


FWIW, CTD tried to screw us over around Christmas 2012 (Newtown) AFTER our order was placed just before the Newtown shooting. And charging us the new rate by trying to re-enter our original order now at 3 times the cost.I will NEVER buy from them again.

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