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Vepr 12 Rear Trunnion

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Yea dude. They are. 


That first run of Vepr 12s is known for all around high quality, and they are prized because of their ease of stock conversion. They fetch some decent coin on gun broker $1000-$1100. 


The adapter you linked will work, but You're doing a full trunnion swap at that point. 


I think a Rifle Dynamics adapter would work beautifully for you. 



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Plan on using an optic and plan to modify the trunnion in a few ways and areas. It will not be a simple remove the old and rivet the new situation.


Would you recommend using that trunnion or using the Rifle Dynamics AK / AR adapter if it was your firearm?





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of course the tube stock you don’t have the tang to cut off. I believe I went and I found a longer pistol grip screw for that reciever block, run to the hardware store. 

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I'd just put a Magpul MOE AK stock or Zhukov on it and call it a day. Minimal effort, minimum expense, and maximum result. Those stocks are quite comfortable, lightweight, and nice looking. If looking for some LOP adjustment, the Zhukov offers it.


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