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  1. WTS OEM never used Saiga Stock. Taken off S7.62 without a shot being fired through it prior to conversion with hardware included. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  2. WTS never used OEM Dragunov Saiga Stock with all the hardware. Taken off S308, not a sinlge shot fired prior to it being removed. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  3. Need 2 floor plates for Surefire Saiga 308 mags. Thank you.
  4. DVR DVR DVR! I just can't wait for the show!!!!!!
  5. What he said ^ Let's not get this thread shoved into the fight club please. Mike - huge congrats and please keep us apprised! We are rooting for you man!
  6. it chews on anything i feed it. the worst i used was late 70s israeli surplus and except where the rust was so bad the rounds just wouldn't feed, it went boom every time.
  7. If the plastic at the top of the grip is thick enough, you might just take some material off with a dremel. I did it with another grip and it worked pretty well.
  8. So do you have anything later than that on Molot? I am genuinely curious.
  9. Was poking around on progress at Molot (maker of Veprs). They were in deep dodo for a while - couldn't pay their employees. Apparently Russian government is bailing them out, but looks like the price of the bailout was to move all weapons manufacture to Izhmash. Another interesting development was that it seems Russians got Beretta to move in to build guns for sale to Russia and other CIS states. Here is the article I found: Russian newspaper Does anyone know anything newer/better? If the news is accurate it sure is a sad moment. Veprs were so good.
  10. Bullet guide is just a good idea in general. Will make all the military mags as good options for your rifle.
  11. This setup looks really good to me actually. And anything that has so many mods done to it, will run you up to 1K at least. The only question I have is - how do you clean the gas tube on this thing? It looks like you'd have to take off quite a few pieces using a screwdriver just to get to it, no? Would it retain 0 after you remount the rail and optics on it?
  12. WD-40 or any other kind of penetrating oil? Agree with the heat suggestion as well.
  13. Dude - why so touchy? You ask question, they answer, perhaps with a bit of humor. Grab a beer, laugh it off mate!
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