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  1. I need a factory rear trunnion for my Saiga 12. Thanks!
  2. Put an auto plug on mine and it works great! Mine is black also.
  3. Quote Danklab "You hear people that you wouldn't expect to be enthusiasts commenting on the show now, and I think it's a good thing to familiarize folks who were kinda fence sitters on gun issues with the good side. So often people only get the negatives from media and the ignorant tend to think that guns are only for police, military, or criminals. It's not uncommon to mention shooting an AK around someone and have them say "why would you do that??? those are illegal!". I think you guys are doing a pretty good job of covering legal aspects as well.. which is the most important issue to s
  4. This is what I run and couldn't be happier.
  5. I wouldn't even want to pressurize the tank! Let alone fire it up! Murphy has me in his sights way too often. Although I will enjoy watching!
  6. I really like the wood on this one and I like the traditional look as well. It just needs the cleaning rod mounted under it.
  7. Yea no kidding! I'll just watch, Thank You!!! lol
  8. I am interested. Just depends on price!
  9. Yes, I trust it with my life. I will not elaborate on my other home defense weaponry and which I would use first. ^^^^THIS!!^^^^
  10. The autoplug is great! Opened up the ports on my s12 installed and adjusted the autoplug and it shoots and ejects whatever I feed her! If you don't have one, your not taking full advantage of your S12! Just my 2cents.
  11. blkrifleman


    It is hard to dispute that fact, but I still manage to find what I'm looking for most of the time. I usually wind up reading a bunch of other threads that catch my interest while I'm searching. It just boils down to the fact that some people enjoy searching, reading, learning and figuring things out on their own and other people prefer....... LOL! Yea i get side tracked while on the search also but when something ain't quite right man i want the answer now! My bad.
  12. Yea i was out shooting today and it cycled the cheap stuff fine. All the hulls where about 3 foot or so from me then shot some hi brass buck and they flew a good 10 feet. Ordered a buffer for it, i know not for the s12 but i'm stuborn. lol Sure like the idea of not having to adjust it though.
  13. Ok i finally converted my s-12! All was easy untill i went to take the gas block off. I used the airhammer method and i was at the gas ports! Anyway i had 4 ports but one was almost completly covered by the gb and another was partially blocked. I opened all all four holes up with a 3/32 bit at the propper 45 degree angle and opened up the hole in the gb so the ports where uncovered. I reassembled the gun installed the tac47 aka auto plug and factory puc. Loaded with cheap winchester 7/8oz loads and went shooting, fte so i adjusted the auto plug a half turn three rounds then fte put another hal
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