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  1. you cant be talkin bout me now But as much as I hate the stupid gun laws you are correct on this matter. He broke the law by selling a stock made for that gun as part of the deal. Now if he had just thrown in say a wood akm buttstock It would be a different story. But thats my $.02
  2. Will your magwell work on guns with the izzy magwell already installed?
  3. Level IIa and level IIIa are what most LEOs use. You may be correct about the cops pushing for the law, . But I dont see how banning AP pistol ammo was a big deal. Non-AP ammo will kill you just the same. (Also sorry for hijacking your thread Maxx)
  4. Yet another dumb law. Any gangbanger can take any semi an make it full auto. That law only stops lawful people from having the same weapons as the bad guys.
  5. I dont blame the cops I blame the liberals. But non AP 7.62x25 will still go thru level IIIa, I have done it.
  6. Dumbest law ever. I can put ss109 in my AR-15 but god forbid I put it in my plr-16.
  7. Sorry but I'll be keeping the 2rd mag. However if I sell any 16rd mags I can make more.
  8. Its about 16" long. Thats fine if you dont like it. I just put this out there to see if anybody wants a mag cheaper than a drum, but more rounds than a surefire 12.
  9. I dont have a pic, but this thread tells how Its done.
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